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Travelled through the southern parts of this beautiful country, across deserts and mountains and along the coast and to Marrakech.


I live in Fes, and travel the country extensively. I'll help where I can...


i can offer suggestions of the places to go to, the things to do, how to save money


Have had a lot of visits and a lot of time in many places around Morocco during a 10 year period and been closely involved with Moroccans all through that period so ive gained a lot plus been sharing that info in my Virtual Tourist pages and forums since 2004


Frequent Visitor
Travelled from Tanger to Dakar


We guide tours in Morocco to all destinations. We can build requested itineraries for specific destinations in Morocco. We also have itineraries on our website,
We provide transport and accomodation for groups of travellers as well as couples or solo travellers. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Morocco and travelling with us.
Join our group in November 2018 for a 10day tour at a very competitive price.


I have visited Morocco many times and have travelled outside the common tourist routes.


I have been several times in this country. I like it very much, basically out from main touristic cities like Marrakech or huge cities like Casablanca. The mountains and the desert, and their people, are fantastic. Or the way south to Western Sahara and Mauritania.


I am the managing partner of Open Doors Morocco. We offer private 4x4 tours led by local hosts. Our vision of tourism is where the lives of our foreign guests, as well as those of Moroccan Nationals, are enriched in meaningful ways. Our Morocco Tours create natural opportunities for cultural connection and we have experienced first hand how life impacting this can be.


I'm a destination expert, i've been working as a travel agent in Morocco for more than 10 years organizing hassle free trips to travelers all over the world. I'll be happy to answer all your questions and share my knowledge of the destination.


I am a native born Moroccan, living in Casablanca, I know Morocco well and I can advise on our culture and the tourist attractions, travel information and how to get the best of your visit , about buying and bargaining at the souks, and the best places to see, the many attractions and the entertainment. I will be happy to give advice and deal with concerns or worries and myths about visiting our country .
If you need a guide I may be available to do that as well.


you can get information about hotels .tours .rent car .iteniraries
and travel by local transports like buses and taxis ...and prices
for all these ...and all these informations are free


I can help in Morocco:if you are looking for acomodation,renting a house,apartment,room..In the Agadir's/Taghazout's area..If you need a good place to Surf,to rent/repair/buy a Board,a car,a bike,a bicicle..If you want to know the best excursions in the Area,or go with a local guide...if you need to know about the real prices,places,etc...just ask me..!! I use to go there evrey 3 months,and stay in Taghazout (18 kms from Agadir,south-Morocco),i speak/understand Arabic Easely..I can help too,to translate with the local autorities/administration..


I am a professor of Englsih at Marrakech university. Iam very much interested and involved in cultural tourism. In this capacity, I would like to offer advice and make suggestions on must-see and do in Marrakech. Iam also an international students exchange program coordinator and would like to propose host families for foreign visitors as an alternative way to be immersed in the local culture.


Hello Everyone ! i hope all enjoy his/her life very well .
i am jalil I live in Chichaoua city between Marrakech and Essaouira .
everybody needs help about Travelling in Morocco ( meeting People ,guiding, showing nice places,hung out, going to Mountains and have a great time.) peacefull.
i am ready to help everyone wants to visit Morocco.

Feel free to contact me
Via E-mail :
Via Phone : 00212 71 73 45 42

Your Brother Jalil.



I live in Meknes and have spent 3 years travelling around Morocco.
I can offer advice or make suggestions.


Because im travelig a lot and maybe i had been to the same destination you are asking about , Hotels, transportation, people ,languages ......ect


I’m a man from the south of Morocco. I have studied the culture and history of other countries, and I am interested in travelling and inviting people from other countries to show them my culture of Sahara- the doors of the desert, the way we live and cook and to give them a chance to spend time with nomadic people drinking mint tea. I want to share my experience of Sahara life and teach them my traditions, about camel milk, weddings, and show them the unique architecture in the south and how to be happy with nearly nothing!! I don’t have many friends as I prefer to have few but good quality friendships! I like listening and learning from others. I’m interested in their culture and personal opinions - talking about their imagination and their own philosophy of life. When I give I don’t wait to receive. I give when I want to give; without conditions is perfect for me. I like people who want to learn and share their experiences. I don’t like normal conversation.


Your first visit to Morocco? Land? Plane? Where? Avoiding louts? Girls on their own? Cool hotels? Cool places? Summer? Winter? I'll help you how to make the most of your trip as I've travelled there many times on my own, specially the coastal Morocco, from the crowded beaches of Tetouan to the vast and isolated of Laayounne, taxi dealing, and generally how to discover the real beauty and a few tips on how to blend a bit with the locals without being taken for a ride. Moroccans are the most hospitable people.


I've been in Morocco and I love Morocco

Morocco me

I live in Marrakech, Morocco. Along with a French female I promote a charming guesthouse with its 3 rooms in Marrakech, 5 minutes walk from Djamaâ El Fna Square. I serve in locating accomodations, arranging buses, and organizing short trips from Marrakech to The Ourika Valley—the Berber country region which sits 66 km from Marrakech—and Essaouira city. I work with a sister guesthouse at each of these locations. I advise my guests on how to truly discover my city and the valley, and on how to share some daily experiences with the Moroccans such as the public bath (hammam), local and authentic meals, Henna body tattoos, and the weekly Ourika Valley market. Also, I guide people on deeper tours of Marrakech. If you have requests about booking here in Marrakech or about addresses or sites you intend to visit, I am very well-suited to help you. I invite you to see my Web Site and my Marrakech Photo Gallery on my User Profile. E-mail:


Greetings all. I have travelled very extensively throughout most of Morocco for some thirty years and now spend a good deal of time living there in our second home in Essaouira . I would be delighted to give any help or assistance with all things pertaining to Morocco.


I can provide information on Morocco as a country and what to see and do there.
Please feel free to message me if you have any questions on the country or the cities of Morocco.


I have been there, loved it, stayed with a family there ( my fiance's), know a little moroccan arabic, have learned a lot about the culture, what to wear as a woman, local customs etc.


i can help travellers offering them all knowladge they need(site web ...) and meet them in Morocco to help them in their trips here .


i am from Morocco so i could tell you alot about the country


neone looking for detailed info; how dyou get around, prices for food accom. flights etc. and general tips...

esp for surfing in the south. be pleased to help!!


Great sites, hostel info, danger spots, getting around, food.

No Morocco questions; but all the answers on Morocco travel?

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