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There are currently 75 Travel Helpers for New Zealand. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I spent ten months travelling all over New Zealand on a working holiday visa, and have gone back thrice since, including two whirlwind tours of the best the country has to offer, playing tourguide for friends. I've travelled by bus, campervan and car. There's few places in the country I haven't been to, and many of the main highlights I've visited during at least two different seasons.
If you're into beautiful nature and love hiking, ask me for suggested itineraries (or search the New Zealand forum for posts by me containing those). :)


I have lived and worked in Auckland since emigrating from the UK over twelve years ago. I am the proud owner of a New Zealand passport (although I still have my British one too) and I've been through the whole immigration thing - work visa, medical, NZQA accreditation, permanent residency, citizenship.

I know the Auckland area very well and I have toured the North Island visiting most tourist places (and many non-tourist places too). I can't say the same about the South Island - I've been to Nelson for a few days!


Have lived and worked there for about eight months, especially in the SI. Would love to answer your questions.


I am a born and bred kiwi who is passionate about this beautiful country and about helping others experience it too. I have travelled through most of the country and am happy to provide advice on travel plans snd itineraries. We now live in beautiful Snells Beach and would to share this area in particular with visitors to our country.


Motorhome touring in South Island.
Hotels and motels in the North Island.
Bay of Islands.


I have lived in New Zealand for the past 10 years both in the South Island and now in the North Island. If there's anything you want to know about the Land of White Clouds, feel free to ask.


I grew up in NZ on the North island, and my father frequently took us on travels to see family and friends in numerous places plus car club meets and rallys as well as numerous hikes with hiking clubs, as well as school trips. I took my mother on a 3 week organised bus tour of the south island.
Eventually had a sales job taking a crew knocking on doors all over NZ so i really was very into how to get around NZ. Ive been around NZ several times while ive been living in Australia and the Uk so please feel free to contact me for any advice, rental car and accommodation tips or even on buying a car to get around. I found some great places to stay during my recent travels around to refresh memories and catchup with fave people and places.
I am particularly involved in the Hokianga area in the north of the North island and all over the Waikato.


Cheap Flights, Accomodation, Work, Cheap internal travel, Visas, Setting up a bank account, Where to go when you get there, Nightlife, Top sights, Musts, etc. The list goes on.


Born and bred in Dunedin, Lived and toured around the country. I know more about the south island -


I have lived in NZ for the last 25 years, currently in Wellington, grew up at Taupo. Have traveled most of the North Island and a bit of the South Island. Will try to help out the best I can.


I live in Auckland and know this region best but can answer questions about NZ as well.


I can help with questions about visas and visa requirements for Australia and New Zealand.


Traveled on my own by care and day by day accomadations.
and hit many of the main points on a self tour based on NZ tourist bureau:

North Island -- Auckland, Rotorua, Napier, Wellington,

South Island -- Wyakia, Christchurch, Dunedin, Taahna, Melford Sound, Queenstown, Glenarch, Fox and Hans Glaciers. Blue and the Pass back to Christchurch.
Met really fine people.


I am 62 and have in NZ all my life and have travelled extensively both here and abroad. My wife and I prefer free INdependant travel over tours and enjoy our travel planning nearly as much as the doing !!


I am a kiwi and have spent a large portion of my life travelling around NZ (the North Island especially). I have a lot of local knowledge I'm happy to empart.


I'm a New Zealander and when I'm not exploring overseas, I'm busy travelling around my own country. I've also lived all over the North and South Islands.


I live here in Hamilton, NZ. I can help with most things you need to know, about people places etc. Know nothing about visas though!


Since I spent as much as a year down under I think I managed to get a pretty good insight of the country. It's not that big, and I did a whole lot of travelling even though I spent most of the time studying in Auckland. I did quite a few touristy things too, so I might be able to help out if you have questions about that, what to avoid and what shouldn't be missed etc.


I am an Outdoor Instructor with the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, a keen Skier and live not far from the mountains in Sheffield Canterbury. I can help with advice on venturing into the outdoors in New Zealand


I spent 15 months working and travelling around New Zealand and LOVED it! Went by myself but met loads of great travel buddies along the way and went almost EVERYWHERE, some places multiple times. I lived in Paihia and Taranaki on the North Island and Dunedin and Wanaka on the South so I know more about those places specifically but like I said I loved NZ and couldn't get enough exploring in so I literally tried to go everywhere!


New Zealand - lived there for 7 months and covered most parts of the island. I also worked in Travel & Tourism so know a lot about the activities, although I have no affiliation to an organisation.


New Zealand has been my home for 30 years (from the north of Scotland). We farm by the sea, in the Catlins, and enjoy the growing stream of visitors to our wild and beautiful coast. We have explored most of New Zealand in detail and am still discovering new places - that's the magic thing about this country.

I spent my twenties discovering Africa and South America, five years travel and work as a computer systems analyst, learned the language wherever I went --- or tried to..


Tips, advice etc on New Zealand, in particular the South Island. Happy to meet other travellers and show them around Christchurch.


I have travelled New zealand extensively. I spent 12 months travelling the country whilst on a Working holiday visa between june 2008 & june 2009.

I have visited every region of both islands except the East cape. I am saving the best till last!

I did a lot of Wwoofing around both islands and worked in Auckland for 3 months.

I am now living in New Zealand as a Permanent Resident


Im here, info on where to go, how to get there and where to stay.


Spent 6weeks traveling both North & South Island via campervan


I lived and travveld in this beautiful country for a year and saw pretty much everything. So if you need help to find a good spot to camp, an awesome beach, opportunitys to work, hostels or just the best place to party id be happy to help :)

Pedro and Red

Particularly around Taranaki region. Able to give surf advice - surf spots. General advice on anything really. Accommodation, places of interest, cultural perspectives, festivals, vehicle support, internet etc etc etc


I lived and worked in New Zealand so can pretty much help with anything in relation to it!! :)


More than happy to share my insights and experience of travel and travel related questions. I am based in NZ. My career to date has been working in the NZ travel industry - airlines, rental cars, tourism companies, hotels and now as a Regional Director contracting NZ hotels for a large global Online Travel company. I am extremely passionate about NZ as a travel destination and have travelled extensively throughout NZ. I have a good understanding of NZ tourism product. IT's a great place and I love to tell folks about it!!


Being 'Tangata whenua"..and an outdoorsman all my life, gives me a deep understanding of the cultural & eco adventures, off the beaten track, in our stunning eco-wonderland...have a chat to me...or view my website @


i can help someone who travelling to new zealand with transport, language and so on

i can speak chinese and english, living nz more than 7 years


I spent 2 weeks driving aroudn both islands in an RV. I also stayed with my travel buddy's family. I can help with prices, general info and fun things to do. I even jumped off a bridge in Queenstown.


I lived for a year in NZ, backpacking and working....I don't have all the answers but I'll try to help you out....just email me...


I have travelled the north and south island so i know about lots of areas like Fox Glacier, Fjordland, Queestown, Wellington just to name a few.
I have done lots of activities like bungie jumping and i know where the biggest and cheapest bungie jump is.
I can help with prices of activities and food and drinks.
I went to see lots of places where the Lord of the Rings was filmed like Hobbiton, Mt Doom, Edoras,Lothlorien, the tree where Boromir died just to name a few.


I spent a few weeks there and my boyfriend lived there for a year so we would be happy to help if we can.


Can recommend tips and info on following places: Cairo, Sharm el sheik, Luxor, Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Gold Coast Australia and some of North Island NZ.

I live in Auckland, NZ and was born and raised in the Coromandel.


Kia ora,
I live in Invercargill, New Zealand.
I can give you information and some advice on travel within the Southland, Fiordland, Stewart Island areas.
May be able to assist with other areas of New Zealand as well.
I can assist with information on the Maori Community, carved Maori Meeting House, at Murihiku Marae. Arranging for you to either visit, or stay at the Marae; inform you of their customs,
There is a Scenic Route encompassing the area; passing through native forests, visit the petrified forest, travel alongside beautiful beaches.
International Surf competitions are held locally.
Stewart Island, and Fiordland (Mitre Peak) are both within National Park areas.
There are many opportunities for either deep-sea or river fishing. Some international Anglers make an annual trek to go fishing in our local rivers.


I can speak Maori and English. I have lived in Aotearoa (New Zealand) for most of my life. I can help with some questions about (mainly) the North Island of this country, and/or suggest how travellers can access other sources.


Hi there, If you are travelling to Northland and the Far North especially if you are planning to come to Hokianga, then ask me and I will try to help. Travellers arriving in the Hokianga are mostly driving for there is next to no public transport. However, if you are heading toward the Bay of Islands, such as Kerikeri or Paihia, there is plenty of ways of getting there. You could fly to Kerikeri or travel there by bus. Most overseas visitors hire cars on arrival. So don't be shy, just ask away.


Travel on South Island of New Zealand. I am a Brit ex-pat living near the Southern Alps on the Canterbury Plains. Happy to help on all aspects on travel and living in NZ.


I lived, worked and travelled in NZ for 2,5yrs in total. I basically saw everything, so I can tell you where to go, what to do, where you can safe money and especially know a lot about visas and permits!


I did the North Island of NZ with Kiwi Experience, did loads of the activities including Black Water Rafting and Sky Diving, went from Auckland to Whitianga, Waitomo, Rotorua, Taupo, River Valley and Wellington. Hope I can help if you need it.


i am living in australia but i have alot of family still in new zealand and know alot about the south island and will try to help where possible about info.


I've travelled around New Zealand from 2006 to 2007 for one year. If you have any questions regarding hostels, where to buy cars, bus service, work, etc. I can help you. Feel free to ask me anything.



I have visited New Zealand about 4 times now and have completed the Routburn, Kepler Able Tasman as well as French Rigde Hut walks. If you have any questions about getting around New Zealand let me know.


backpacker experience; south island only


Getting there, getting around, itineraries, tramping, congregating with sheep.


have lived, studied, worked...enjoyed all over NZ for the past 14 years.

Travel destinations, tourist hot spots and "quite local only" known places. Seasonal changes. Just general info from hikes to cool NZ music festivals.


most things kiwi, have driven around most of the country and stopped for breaks so know alot of good pie and ice cream shops.
can help with times/distances, and how long you could spend somewhere. would like to show anyone around, esp the local spots.


Went there in early Nov 07!


I have travelled via car, hitchhiking, bus, to surf, experience, snowboard and hike all around New Zealand. I have lived there all my life so i know a few secrets guidebooks cannot tell u. i used to be a sea kayak guide in the north west part of the south island too. What more can i say....


Info regarding the Banks Peninsula Track, Milford Sound, Mt Cook and Mueller Hut.Fox Glacier, Punakaiki. Milford Track, Routeburn Track, Abel Tasman Track as well as general questions about travelling about the South Island which I did in March 2007


I'm a mainlander kiwi and have travelled a lot around the South Island of New Zealand. I can suggest driving routes, and activities to do around Southland, Otago, Canterbury and Westland :)


I grew up in New Zealand and still call it home. I have travelled extensively in the South Island and lived in Christchurch, Nelson and Wellington. Happy to help with suggestions on where to go and what to see :)


New Zealand is one of the friendliest places on earth -nature unspoiled!


ive spent my whole life sifting aroung nz and aussie especially looking for those hard to get to backcountry spots,
if your keen for a bit more of an adventure drop us a line


Im happy to offer advice and direction to anyone who is coming to New Zealand for a holiday.


Hi there, Im a kiwi living in NZ. have seen pretty much the whole country.. any queries let me know!


Did some independent traveling all over the south island. Tried most of the adventure activities while there. We can certainly make recommendations about good places to see and fun things to do here. I can help with photo locations, good places to stay and how to get around questions. Just ask.


I have lived New Zealand, Australia and China and can advise on a large variety of topics


Natural Born Kiwi :-)

Have been lucky enough to see the majority of my own country.. and can definately point you in the right direction for some wonderful scenery & places to see & stay. Ask away.


cost of living


Hi! I visited New Zealand last year, so I think I can help people who would like to go there as a backpacker (youth hostels, getting around, etc.) Cheers!


I've been in NZ for over 10 years and have travelled around a lot. Would love to help anyone who's keen to come and visit this beautiful country.


I was there a month in 1998 and 2 months in 1999. Have traveled there extensively and can give advice on many aspects there.


Mainly anything about Napier/Hastings area. or wellington. or any general info about NZ.


I live in the South Island at Ashburton
General thing about NZ mainly the South Island


I have lived all over NZ so any help anyone needs about my beautiful country send me a message


Born and Raised in beautiful NZ North Island- I can offer a bit of advice to anyone keen to visit NZ, especially backpackers


Well travelled Pom living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Lived here for 4 years and loving it. Any questions on residency, travelling, food wine, arts, wildlife, nightlife etc!


Provide information about travel in New Zealand as I live here

No New Zealand questions; but all the answers on New Zealand travel?

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