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I am a frequent traveler in East Texas and the "four corner" states: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. I like to travel off road cross country around the four corners on a tight budget buying only gasoline and basic food. I use maps instead of GPS.


Hello Fellow Travellers :)

I am a Canadian who travels extensively around Canada and the United States. And other places, too ....

I would be more than happy to share my experience in a ( hopefully ) helpful way.



I spent about 2 years travelling the USA, Mexico, and Canada in a Camper Van - see my website


I lived in Branson, Missouri - USA - for 20 years and was part of the Tourist industry. If you are going to the " Live Music Show Capitol of the World " and have some questions, contact me.

i c e

Traveled to every state (except Hawai) Many, Many, Times. Born and raised here. (and abroad). Helpful reliable info on any topic!!

Just ask


Former travel agent.Various travel experience in North America, Mexico,Caribean, and hawaii.


I lived in Minnesota for 19 and Chicago for 20 years. I can help with questions concerning the midwestern US and Chicago specifically. My husband has lived in California, Arizona and New Mexico. My background is that of pharmacologist and I can help with questions relating to required vaccinations, etc., and my husband can supply information about any beer in the US.

Amie L.

I have travelled Canada and the U.S. a fair amount and am willing to give you any information or advice that I can in regards to what to see, where to stay, etc.


New York City; Washington, DC; Virginia


Travel information about places, transportation, costs, interesting sites, accomodation.


I have lived in or Visited:
Baltimore, Maryland
Washington D.C
Rochester, New York
New York City, New York
Detroit, Michigan
Greenville, South Carolina
Boston, MA
Atlanta, GA
Charleston, SC

ida faccio

I speak English, French and Italian. I have visited many countries such as: Italy, France, Greece, Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States, and Mexico.


I'm an East coast and central specialist, but I can give you a heads up with any questions you have for the US and Canada. Haven't been to Mexico...yet:)


I grew up in south-eastern Minnesota. If you are interested in the midwest, I could give some good tips on where to go and what to do.


i live here! i can help anyone with any state!And i have been to mexico and Cetral America many times. i have traveld all my life.


Travel, accommodation, National parks, beaches, tours.


Pointers and things to see plus accomodation for many parts of the USA and the west of canada.


Mexico: Yucatan, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Merida, Uxmal..


I am from Los Angeles and know a lot about New York, Las Vegas, Florida, Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Of course California...Ask AWAY


Our family has traveled to many states in the Western half of the United States. We have lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth, near the Flaming Gorge, in Manila, Utah, for 26 years. Anything you want to know about our little corner of the world just ask!

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