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I travelled through Norway for three weeks, seeing a decent part of the country (Hardangervidda / Jostedalsbreen / Svartisen-Saltfjellet, the Lofoten and Oslo / Bergen / Ålesund / Trondheim), although none of it was very in depth. Still, I should be able to help out some with pointers of what's worthwhile and what isn't.

Sam I Am

I live in Oslo and have travelled a little around the south coast. Can especially help with Oslo related questions!


I'm Norwegian, lived in other countries for a while, but now moved back to Norway. Travelled just about everywhere in Norway.


I live in Norway and have travelled in many parts of my own country.


I've travelled the country extensively, I can help mostly with backpacking linked questions.


I have lived in Norway for 23years!
I am Norwegian


If there is any questions you have, just ask, and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.


Been living here for the better part of 25 years. Travelled a lot around so should be able to provide tips for most cities and locations. Check my email many times a day :)


I was born and raised in Norway, and lived there untill last year. I know a lot about it.


I'm from Voss, Norway.. If anyone need any knowledge about Voss (like hotels and such) then just let me know:)


Your virtual passages to Oslo ..!
-How to save money travelling within Norway.
-Getting to Oslo
-How to eat well in Oslo between 10 -30usd
-How to save on collective transport


I live in Norway, and have travelled a lot in the country. Can help to find information about all Norway. My biggest hobby is scuba diving, so if you want some great diving in our country contact me, and I can help you.



I've been living in different locations in southern Norway for 17 years. Just ask, and I might be at help!



I come from and have lived for 17 years on the islands Lofoten in the North. I have also lived in Oslo for 1 1/2 years, and have travelled a bit around Norway. I would be very happy to be of help and to lend you a sofa if needed! :D


I can help with anything that have anything to do with Norway :) Just ask!


Im happy to help whoever that is coming to Norway!! I am norwegian myself, but have travelled alot aswell, so I think I understand most quieres about travelling. Norway is amazing, so I do welcome all of you!! :)


I know a little bit about hamar, oslo, larvik and stavern


Hi. I have lived in Norway all 33 years of my life. Norway have a great range of exeriences to offer. From Svalbard ( 81 degrees north) to Queen Mauds Land (Antarktis). I have travelled the country from north to south and east to west. I have been at the highest mountain and 30 meters below sea level. Diving in Norway is spectacular. Contact me for recommendations and travel guidance...

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