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Traveled through Pakistan during Emergency Rule 2007. Anyone need any tips or advice, jsut let me know?


Twice I have visited this incredible country. Its well worth a visit, especially for nature lovers and people who want to know the trough behind the propaganda.
I can provide plenty of recommendations for the stunning north of the country, as well as general knowledge as well as some extras ;o)


I live in Pakistan and have travelled here extensively, especially the North( Gilgit, Chitral,Skardu etc)Will be glad to assist you in your travel plans to Pakistan


Well, I could say travel is my passion and I have more then 20 years of travel experience. I decided to be on world travel mission and started to explore each & every corner of this planet to taste every culture, meet every people and enjoy every nature and I am sure one day i will be filled with my goals.
At this esteemed website, in fact i have chosen to helping others in their travel plans for Pakistan. Yes and that's true I have been to each part of the country from east to west and north to south. I don't know what happened to me and I am so much in love with Pakistan. The people, culture, history and geographical location is amazing. The hospitality and warmth among the people is always unforgettable for me and yes i feel very luck to say that I have very fond memories of this country.
There is slightly unfortunate as this country is highlighting in these days that travel advisory of each country, electronic or print media are not looking friendly towards it. We, all know that there is exaggerations based on baseless information and which is not true.
Anyhow, I am presently based in Canada but believe me I do still traveling to Pakistan 2 to 3 times in a year. Every part of this country is unique but i love exploring mountain cultures, walking & hiking in and around, Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Chitral & Kalash Valleys. Also the most interesting for me is the settlement of old Indus Valley Civilization, Harappan and Mughals in other provinces of the country. It is worth visit destination and if you ever need my assistance for designing a travel itinerary or recommendations based on your desire or interest. Feel always free to contact me at
Also, it would be nice to contact me for North American Travelers who wish to visit Pakistan, as i am based in Canada now.

I wish you all the best and Happy Travels!


I can be a good guide if somebody wants to travel to south punjab in Pakistan


ican help because ilive here and ican speak english and know the places well
ican transalate urdu into english


Anybody wishing to come to pakistan can contact me at or cell phone 0092-300-8447849. Please feel free to talk---cheap accomodations---and I can act as a complete resource person---translator totally free of charge on voluntary basis. I am a 34-year old male journalist based in Lahore--proficient in english--it is my hobby to be a guide..
My contacts or local influence, if any use to you, I will be very glad to help or guide



I know how to guide and how to help for visiting Pakistan as it is my country.


I can provide tourists and travelers on how to move around pakistan. What places to visit and what to avoid. Provide information on almost every aspect of toursim in Pakistan


Having travelled extensively to the country Pakistan is a wonderful place to visit. However it saddens me to see that most would know Pakistan as being a dangerous country to visit despite it beinf an emerging economy and at the centre of Asia offering great commercial, industrial and economic opportunities, however something that most are not aware of is that Pakistan is also a lost secret with many exciting journeys and adventures to be had.

Trace Alexander’s steps into the sub-continent; see the cradle of Buddhist civilization relish the exciting food, feel welcomed by local hospitality, experience local culture and marvel at the natural beauty of the Northern areas. Many believe Pakistan to be a inhospitable place a peerless journey however scratch the surface and you will see a completely different picture… Beautiful Beeches, marinas, ski resorts, hillside resorts, hiking, hang-gliding, polo @ 20000 Feet, swim with dolphins in sindh and a lot more all in one Country.


The places to see, about season, people, everything except the advice on hotels, accomodation.


i can tell you the in and out, what to look for and where to have fun, how to save money and many more..... Pakistan has so much to offer apart from our warmth :)


Trip info ( Distances, roads, food and lodging, cost, many, many more things)

No Pakistan questions; but all the answers on Pakistan travel?

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