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We've visited Paris over a dozen times (I've stopped counting) and we spent a month there for our 50th anniversary and again for our 55th. We love the city and its wonderful public transportation system.

We're budget travelers who consider Paris a budget destination so if you are looking for suggestions on how to save money and still see romantic, historic, artistic and beautiful Paris, please ask. There are an incredible number of free things to do, cheap transportation options and lovely hotels in the center of the city that don't cost an arm and a leg. Food can actually be cheaper than at home . . . depending on where you live.


Lived there for years and am a frequent visitor.

Lynne Hamman

Because I visit Paris 4 times a year

Kate T.

I visited Paris last June 2011. I will go back again June this year, this time for a longer period. Hopefully I can help other travelers by answering queries about transportation, hotels, food, and places to see. While locals would definitely be more knowledgeable, its nice to hear feedback from tourist like me :)


I lived there for six weeks on a language exchange when I was 17.


I used to live here and know quite a lot about Paris. Hope my knowledge will be helpful. If you're interested in shopping I'm your girl:)


Have traveled to Paris and planned my Paris trip/itinerary entirely by myself.

No Paris questions; but all the answers on Paris travel?

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