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I explored a decent part of Peru during a month-long visit. Did the classic gringo trail (Lima, Arequipa (+ Colca Canyon), Puno, Cuzco (+ Inca Trail to Machu Picchu), and then went up north to Caraz to do some hiking in the Cordillera Blanca.


Hello friends!!

All about Places, ruins, food, discos, guides, buses, prices, hotels, flights, restaurants, tickets, museums, beaches, Spanish classes, city tours. All the information you NEED to know about Peru.

I am Luis from Peru, and I can help you. I have been travelling around my country, and I would like to share my experiences, and advices to make your trip safe and unforgettable.

Enjoy your trip


I've done the route La Paz (BO) - Titicaca Lake - Cuzco(PE) by land some time ago. Any tips? Get in touch, so.


Well, i traveled almost all Peru and Bolivia and i can share with you all the great experiences i had in this last years travelling in both countries. Also i work as a tour operator, so i have a extensive knowledge about trips in Peru and Bolivia and hotels.
Any advice you would like to receive i will be happy to help you.


I was born in Lima, Peru and I moved the United States in 1990. I travel to Peru often since my brother and sister still live there. I can give you advice and some helpful hints about where to stay and where to go, the good, bad and ugly. But all and all, it is a great place to visit and if you can go to Macchu Piccu, it is worth the additional few days. I did the Inka Trail in 2002, great experience!!


I spent a couple of months travelling around Peru in 2008 and I returned here in 2011 and am still here, working voluntarily with an organisation dealing with marine conservation. I am currently based in Lima, spending a lot of time working out of the port of Pucusana.


It is my country. I know almost everything about perĂº. I am a traveler too


I love my country, that s why I ve been traveling inside Peru for a long time, in case you need some help on visiting some touristical places in Peru such as: Lake Titicaca, Macchu Picchu, Cusco, Inca trail trek, Salkantay trek, Cordillera Blanca, Manu,just contact me and I will be happy to assit you


i stayed in lima cusco arequipa naza and puno let me know if you need any help on where to stay what to see or where to party


I am from peru ,I love my country and I can help to everybody who need free information about Peru, I have a networking , blogs, where people can get free inforamtion about Peru and it will be a pleasure to help everybody !!


According to your main interests I will always recommend & send you an outline of a Peru Itinerary with the type of Hotels, Tours, Transportation, Restaurants, etc, you would like.
I am from Cusco, where i went to University to be licensed in tourism, I speak Quechua (local language), French and English. I have been guiding and organizing customized and tailor made itineraries: adventure, ecotourism, bird watching, conventional and off the "beaten track tours for more than 11 years all over Peru. You can always ask your questions directly to me: The guide, trip Organizer and Operator


Giving advise about where to go and what to visit.
Developing non traditional tours in Lima for you


I can give advice, tips and information on different destinations in Peru, including where to go, how to get there, what to do there, where to stay, eat and party. I'm a tour leader, so I travel frequently around Peru, so I'm very updated, more than Lonely Planet. You can check my website as well:


After you arrived in Peru I can introduce you to the city, giving you all kinds of practical information. Where you find the banks, where can you buy your boleto turistico, what the exchange rates are, where you can change money and more.

I teach you salsa, cumbia, marinera, and other popular rhythms. A dancing class is always accompanied with a how-to-make Pisco Sour lesson, the national drink. Just to make you dance a little bit easier

if u are intested contact me


ideas, advices and more


I live in Lima Peru and have travelled a lot around my country. I have a bachelor degree in Hotel Management and Marketing. I have also travelled to Argentina and Brazil and will be travelling soon to Chile so I can help with these destinations also. I am fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French so feel free to contact me for help!


I can send you up to date info about Peru trains, buses and flights.
If you want me to help you just let me know.


Updated information about all the Peru wonderful places you must know


i can give you full information about Peru best places to stay, to visit since the touristic ones until the no touristic places, about tours, the most important things to consider in your trip and more....

haku espi

Everything!!! even if it's something i don't know... i'll try to learn to help!!!

about things that I already know... i can help you giving you information, and prices about archeological sites in Cusco... i know from the most popular to the most unknowed places... also lots of trails for hiking or biking.

And i hope in a few months more i hope i could help you about the unknowed Lima, capital of Peru... i've heard there's a lot of archeological sites, houses and churches from the time Spanish conqueros lived here... and incredible trails also.


Well, I have good information about my country, You can check my profile:

I can offer good information abut Peru
I can offer my home to sleep and full meals, My price is US$ 10
I can offer guides free.


Hello, I am Favio and I work at a Travel Agency, I know mostly all the cities of Peru and I can help you making your itinerary, to look for some hotels or just to give you and advise, I speak french also.
If you have any question please let me know it.


I can help people giving information about ecotourism, destination around Peru, and specially jungle destinations


Dear Travellers
These are Silvia & Diana from Lima Peru Two Universities Strudents at the momernt we are making our tesis at the International Airport for the tourist information bureau, many touris upon arrivla in Lima Airport go to our office looking for free plans of Lima, Maps of Peru,List of accommodations with free pick up, buses, train planes schedules, Pisco ( Ballestas Island ) Nazca ( Nazca Lineas ) Arequipa ( Colca Canyon )Puno ( Titicaca Lake ) Cuzco ( Machupicchu ) Inka trail 04 days / 03 Nights, any help feel free to mail us


I am from Lima Peru I can help you with any questions you might have
Also I recommend the following place to stay


I spend there one month travelling around peru in 2003


If people are interested in Peru or travel, exploration, and volunteering in South America.


When having 30 to more years, following the guidebook is not usually the best way to enjoy your trip. Crowded cheap hostels are usually the best way to get sick or be robed. Let me give you some advise when travelling by the south of Peru, Bolivia or North of Chile. Six years working in travelling. By the way, I teach Spanish too.


Complete, updated knowlege

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