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I am married to a Romanian woman. I have been there three times now, once in Winter, twice in Summer. I have driven cross country over 2 days from Transylvania to Constanta stopping off at certain sights, travelled overnight by train and I have experienced arrival and departure through airports Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest Otopeni. I have a basic grasp of Romanian and if I can't help by wife who is a native speaker and all round expert can !


I spent 1 month in the northern town of Siret near the Ukraine border. I helped out in an orphanage. I learned the language enough to get by. Most of the locals don't know any English. The trains are great. Brasov is an easy city. The countryside is beautiful and the food good. Bucharest is worth visiting with wide boulevards (similar to Paris).


I am from beautiful Brasov, Romania and I encourage you to discover this beautiful country, so don't hesitate to ask me a question. Happy travels!


I am a native Romanian, I know my country and I can give some advices.


As a Romanian involved in the tourism into the country, I have a lot of information I am willing to share with people thinking of visiting the country. Yes, for free :)
Romania's definitely worth a visit - and I recommend everyone interested, just ask. Advice is always free in Romania! (at least when it's about this humble advocate of the country :) )

Iuli Julie

First of all, I should mention that I am a young person who just graduated in fields of Economics and Tourism and I share a burning passion for travelling and appreciation for my country - Romania. Secondly, I can say that I have a significant experience of traveling in Romania, so that is why I am able to suggest you destinations, sights and accommodation options that are mostly tested and carefully selected by me. I can help you to chose the best authentic places to eat, accommodation in memorable, centrally-located hotels and offer you inspiring ideas in order to get an unforgettable trip in Romania.


I can help in any way! From general adivce ,to tips about safety and great places to be in Romania ,and Bucharest at good rates. I also provide a freelancer tour service in Bucharest and Romania for rates from 50-100 euro/day. Car and fuel included.

Union Jack

I have moved from UK to Romania, bought a house and now run an English Bed and Breakfast. If you fancy dropping in by E-mail please do, advice is free, If you drop in in person the tea is free too.


provide a full package of professional information, make all the arrangements for an exceptional vacation.


Have been living for a while in Romania. Can give some tips about how to get along easily.


I have been to quite a bit of Romania.. Bucharest, Bran, Brasov, Sinaia


Planning unusual trip, links for cheap accomodation, transportation, meal,unusaul spots so far everything that is really unusual.Except anny of sexual content.


I crossed Romania from the south to center,then to the east,walking.I can tell you about how it is there,and all about"Dracula"stuff.


Getting there, getting around, itineraries, walking in the Carpathian Mountains, bloodsucking Dracula style.


If you do/want to do business in Romania and you need someone to help you I am more than happy to do that. I can take care of hotel rezervations anywere in romania, I'll make sure you get to your meetings in time, car, driver, basicly all you have to wory about is your business becouse I'll take care of the rest. For more details feel free to contact me.


I live in Romania and I am Romanian. Presently I own a hostel (Class Hostel Suceava) in northern Romania, Bucovina area, near the painted monasteries. I can help you out with any kind of information about Romania...


I finished faculty of Geography and Tourism at Suceava and I have knoledge about what a tourist want to see/know about Romania, especially about Bucovina (with the painted monasteries), my birth place. So for any informations count on me :)


I have lived in romania all my life!!! just ask!!:)


i can provide informations,company,accomodation if you plan to come to romania


Hi I m a romanian woman freelance translator and guide for my country. I live in Brasov
Transilvania, I m educated and have great sense of humour. My English is fluent but I speak also
German, French and Italian. I can be a good travel companion at reasonable fees and costs, I can
show you the country and help you cut expenses by finding chep deals, and accomodations. If you re
interested in starting a business, invest or in buying a house, I can help you also.


Volunteered there for 4 and a half months, living with a family, travelling extensively, and socialising a LOT. Made loads of great native friends who i've kept in touch with, so if I don't know, they will!

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