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I've lived in Scotland most of my 64 years, and know most parts quite well. I'm still exploring the islands on the west coast - so many!


I may not have seen all of Scotland, but I do call it my home. Ask me about St Andrews, Dundee and Fife in particular.


If anyone needs help regards travelling around Glasgow or West Central Scotland, give me a shout. I also know all about travelling from Glasgow to the rest of the UK and Europe. Hope I can help.


I live here in Scotland and have run hotels, hostels, tour companies and I now teach ancient crafts in Orkney - so lots of experience of tourism in Scotland.

I also am a qualified mountain leader and have worked in montain rescue - I can help you plan walks, camps, access and equipment.

I am best at finding cheap but good places to stay and helping people get off the beaten path, to discover the real Scotland, behind the tourist image.


I live in the Borders region of Scotland in Galashiels. I travel every day to Edinburgh to my work. If anyone needs information on a forthcoming trip to Scotland and needs advice then feel free to get in touch.


Lived here for 25 years and youth hostelled this great country. Have also travelled elsewhere in the world so have that experience to.


I have lived in scotland all of my life and i would be glad to help


I have spent appreciable time in the highlands and I have family in the Borders Region.
I am happy to try to advise on either.


I've lived on the west coast of Scotland for 20 years, and pretty much know the area inside out. I've travelled up through the Western Isles and many other parts of the country, so if anyone needs any help, advice or local knowledge, don't hesitate to ask. I also lived in Manchester for a year, so could help out a bit with the city and surrounding areas. Happy wanderings, Neil


One of my favorite places to visit! I've stayed in top-end places, great B&Bs, and hostels, and it's all been great. Scotland is a great place to drive if you're looking for a do-it-yourself tour. Helping some friends plan their honeymoon to Scotland summer of 2006, and glad to pass along any tips.


I will try to offer genuine advice & information about visiting the Skye and Lochalsh area. The area is often misrepresented and I think it's a shame - with a bit of local help, travellers can discover all the stuff that makes the area so unforgettable - rather than just the obvious tourist traps!


I'm Scottish, I've lived here all my life and been most places (naturally as it isn't the biggest of countries) so if anyone has any questions about what to do/where to stay/how much it costs etc, I'd be happy to help!

bob flinn

A native born Scot, I explore the country's highways and byeways every year, happy to help plan a visit to any part of Scotland. The North and West, Mountains and Lochs have to be my favourite places.


i can give you lots of tips on the do's and donts and best places to stay and visit


I have lived in Scotland my whole life and if anyone is visiting Scotland and is looking for any information on where to go etc please feel free to drop me an email. I have travelled pretty much all over Scotland and guided friends and family from abroad everywhere from the Lake District down South to the Highlands of Scotland for the past 7 consecutive years.
I have just returned from a year in Australia previously to that my most recent place of visit was Norway but can only assit with limited enquiries regarding Oslo. Other places include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ireland, Florida and Rhode Island.


I have lived in West Central Scotland all my life and have travelled a fair bit North and South.


I have lived in the Glasgow region most of my life. If i cant help you with a question about scotland i know a lot of people who will be able to!


If you need assistance for travel to the UK, where to stay, events etc that you should make a point of going to see in Scotland then let me know and i will help as much as i can,



I have extensive knowledge of the south west and central belt of scotland, i have lived in Ayr and Glasgow and the West Highland Way and Loch lomond are my strong points. I can also give detailed information on where to find sites of prehistoric interest, standing stones and rock art in the area.


58 years a Scot but a great lover of Europe and Canada, and living in the Scottish Highlands. Happy to help with most enquiries.


I live in Stirling in Central Scotland. I can help with general questions about Scotland. I can provide good information on eco-friendly holidays in Scotland e.g. where to stay, what to see, how to get there. I'll help any way I can.


I lived in Scotland for 2 and a half years and now tend to visit frequently. If you need to know anything about where to travel, where to stay, where to drink, how to save, just ask!


Altogether Ive spent a few years in Scotland, both as a resident and as a tourist, and am most familiar with Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, and Linlithgow.

Jake n Kit

With a fairly extensive knowledge of the country I can give travellers some idea of where they need to be to 'do their thing' avoiding the pitfalls of the usual tourist traps. Good knowledge of caravan and campsites for those who prefer thier own accomodation, good mountain area knowledge and good motorsport contacts.


I'm a student in Edinburgh, have been since 2003. Any info on the city, I have or I can find for you or I can just say 'sorry, I dunno'. I've also travelled around a bit by train and by car and even by ferry to the Isle of Skye. Try me!


I've lived in scotland my entire life and can help anyone with any questions you have about visting scotland (esp - the central belt) don't be afraid its a fab place to visit


I've lived in Scotland all my life. So if you any questions about North/North East of Scotland give me a email and I will try to help!


I have traveled in Scotland extensively over many years, l know it and love it, its my favourite place in the world.


Visited a friend for a mad highland family reunion

No Scotland questions; but all the answers on Scotland travel?

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