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I have worked in Ljubljana for a month so I can give you some general advices.


I am Slovenian citizen. I live here since I was born. I can give you advices about what to see an where to sleep or rent something. I live 10 minutes away from our main city if you need any advice or help-no problem, I will be very happy to help!!!:)


I live in Slovenia, in Ljubljana. You can ask me anything you want to know. If I would not know the answer I will ask my friends or/and look on the internet.


Hi there! I'm Slovene and I can help you with bunch of things regarding travelling here. I'm also a traveller (mostly backpacker) my self, so I know exactly what you want.
I'll try to help you to organise your travel so well, that you'll absolutely fall in love in my country :)
Can't wait to get some of your questions!!


I've been born in Slovenia. It is a really small country so at age 15 averybody knows all about it. I can tell you pretty much about culture, language and culture. I love Slovenia but still I can be objective about it!


I can tell you everything about Slovenia and its mountains, the Adriatic sea, climbing, skiing, hiking, rafting, horse riding, vine, beer, friendly people, museums, night life...You name it you got it. I live here so I should know everything, right?


General information, where to stay from budget to topclass, fun, activities, places to see....


Give you some informations about Slovenia-specialy about the mountains,hiking tips in Julian Alps and Triglav national park.Can find for you the good tips for accommodations in this area-welcome to visit and enjoy Slovenia

No Slovenia questions; but all the answers on Slovenia travel?

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