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Travelled around South Africa 3 times for about a month in 2009, 2011 and 2013, mainly in the central and northern parts, including the Kalahari, the Karoo and some coastal areas like the Cape Region. Been to Madikwe and Pilanesberg Game Reserves twice and three times to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the latter totalling about 3 weeks, so can help you with that too. Been a few times to Clarens, Golden Gate Highlands NP and the Drakensberg Region too.


Certified Fundi specialist/destination specialist on South Africa


I have spent a month travelling around by car, staying in backpackers and know most areas. Also spent 6 weeks near Jo'burg and visited neighbouring countries. Anything you need to know, I will do my best.


We've been to south Africa for a month in July 2016. We only covered the eastern part of the country during that time, from Johannesburg down to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, Kosi Bay, Krugerpark and nearby areas, Mapungubwe National Park and back down via Pilanesberg Natonal Park.
And apparently we have a case of “Africanitis” ... some VT’ers warned me about that: Africa gets under your skin and you can’t get rid of it ... so you keep returning 😉. And that’s what we did in 2017 ... we went back for 24 days, again covering the eastern part of the country.


I've lived in SA for 40 days as a student and backpacker... I can help travelers with lot's of tips...


I lived in South Africa for nearly 30 years, and have travelled and worked throughout the most remote and obscure parts of the country. I have also survived - and enjoyed - living and working in Big Bad Johannesburg (a much underrated travel destination)!


I live and work in Johannesburg for over five months now, and will stay another two. I think I know a little bit on how newcomers feel overwhelmed and maybe even frightened by 'big, bad & beatiful Jozi'. But I know as well how and where to overcome that first impression and see the true beauty of the city! I can give some tips on Cape Town and travelling the country by car as well.

Anja Fourie

Cape Town is my home town, but I've travelled through South Africa. Contact me if you are planning a trip to South Africa!


Lived there for 47 years. Travelled around the whole country.
Have a passion for the Kruger Park.


I have extensive knowledge on South Africa. Places to go things to see. Travelled throughout the country.


I work in the travel/hospitality industry. I have lived in Namibia and South Africa


Have travelled South Africa extensively North to South and East to West. Have knowledge on National Wildlife Parks. We travel to experience the wonderful natural areas that my country can offer and can advise on best places to go and when to go.


Hi navigating on my Dads Gamin (sat-nav) the rout it took was through a township (This is not a safe place). So if you want some local knowledge to plan a trip let me help you orientate yourself, in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town


I am a South African offering accommodation in East London and Port Elizabeth. We operate as tour guides, Mid to Luxury accommodation providers. Our guests enjoy quad bike adventures, boating and jet ski's in summer at no extra costs for guests staying with us for 3 days and more.

We tailor make our tours to suite our guests. we have access to farms, country side and direct mixing with locals. Get the real South Africa, from squatter camps to 5 star establishments. You choose we organize.


Hi, I have lived in Cape Town all my life and I love my city...My friends and try to regularly explore our area as well.


I have spent quite a lot of time in Cape Town due to my job. Wicked spot!


my name is fiko. i work & live in johannesburg south africa. i've lived in cape town & port elizabeth. ihave a beautifull flat to offer for accomodation. iknow the city & the people, if you looking for a different, of the beaten track visit to my beautiful country feel free to ask any questions. i also offer cross-country tavel from johannesburg in the north to cape town in the south. my email is
hope to hear from you soon.
love & peace always


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travel extensively through southern africa. Partner from Cape town, so we keep up to date with the country


Having travelled extensively I have now made South Africa my home. As I have always been in the travel industry I enjoy helping you with your travel queries. South Africa, Mozambique and even Namibia would be the countries I can assist best.


everything you need to know about nice places to visit and the ones to leave out


I can provide general information that will be useful before starting a holiday in South Africa, and answer any questions you may have about the area.


Trip planning. General advice. Specific advice on accommodation, costs, transport, wildlife, climate, safety.


By giving information and advice on Southern Suburbs, Cape Town South Africa
where to stay, safe places to go, places to avoid, etc


I am South African, born and raised, and have travelled in South Africa quite extensively both by car and public transport. I love my home country and am more than willing to help anyone wanting to visit it. If I don't have an answer I can definitely try to point you in the right direction. Happy travelling.


I frequently travel and organise Guided Safaris to: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique from South Africa.


Actively involved in industry and backpacker tourism in Southern africa see and


General info & GPS-waypoints. Very good contacts. Accomodation. If U can dream it, we can provide it ...


Spent 9 months travelling around Southern Africa last year during which time I worked at a backpackers, so have a pretty good idea what travellers are looking for and can recommend in the region. Going back to South Africa to live from October this year. If I don't know the answer myself, I have plenty of good contact who can help.


Offer advice, and possibliy help when here in South Africa.


I've lived in South Africa most of my life, and have travelled extensively around the world, and so have a pretty good idea of how the country compares to the rest of the world.


My husband is South African and I was there for 2months in 2006 (we also got amrried there). We spent a few weeks in is home province (Free State) and travelled from PE to CT. I haven't seen everything yet, but will be able to give advice about safe/cheap travelling, general life in ZA as well as the areas we visited.


I live in Cape Town and write travel articles of things to do and see in Cape Town.

My website at Http:// is jampacked with articles on towns/suburbs and interesting facts about Cape Town, oh yes! there are so many photos I've lost count.

Send your travellers to the site for all the travel info they need.

Geoff Fairman


I've lived in South Africa all my life (with the exception of when I was travelling abroad)
Am very clued up regarding places of interest in and around KZN (I live in Durban) but have travelled to just about every place in S.A :-)


Information to help with planning and logistics
Suggestions on places to go


Advice on wildlife, climate, accommodation establishments e.g. hotels and Guest Houses, car hire, and anything related to do with Tourism in South Africa. For those contemplating a holiday to South Africa, who are unsure or hesitant, I am available as a Driver or Guide.
Contact me for details.
Ulrich Dannecker(


Accommodation and reservations, places of interest, night life, safety and security questions, day tours, 4x4 trips in and out of SA, foreign currency exchange,wildlife safaris etc


Live just inland from Durban near Nottingham Road sat looking at the Drakensberg mountains right now!



Lived in South Africa since I was five - I know the people, the places and the culture.
I've travelled myself - spent 4 months in the States, 6 months Canada, UK, 2 months France, and recently 2 months in Cuba - so I'll have an idea of what a traveller might be looking for.
You need some advice?? I'll c what I can do.


I am a history teacher and a part-time tour guide in the Cape Town. I have lived in most parts of South Africa so have a good knowledge of the country. If you want advice - ask:-)


Send any questions about South Africa - especially the Northern parts and I will probably be able to help, or get you on the right track.


Hotel information, car hire, airline information-getting around


I run a travel portal focused on South Africa, and feel that I have expert knowledge in this area.


I know the Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu Natal well and if anyone has any questions about this region of South Africa then please ask

No South Africa questions; but all the answers on South Africa travel?

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