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There are currently 30 Travel Helpers for South America. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Just returned from two months in Peru and Bolvia so if you have any questions let me know.


I've been travelling in some countries in these regions and I live in Brazil (and know a little bit of it)!


I have lived in La Paz for almost a year and I travelled to Bolivia, Peru, Chili, Ecuador, brazil, argentina. So, if you have questions, ask me! Maybe I can help you out!


Have now complete 2 backpacking trips (toally about 6 months) all over South America and absolutely LOVE the place. I can only really provide advice based on my own travels and experience, but always happy to try and help!


Ive spent 7 months travelling around South America. Visited Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. If I can help with anything let me know.


Recently I spent 8 months travelling through most of the continent. I´ve visited and travelled through Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and a little bit in Brazil, so if you have questions about any of those countries I could probably help!

i c e

Got plenty of info even though I havent been to every country... be happy to help. Returning soon....



I've been in many countries of South - America. I love this continent and I am willing to help with anything regarding travel.


I'm good with itineraries, if I may say so myself; if you're at a loss what to do when and in which order, I could try to help you structure things a bit.

My knowledge is restricted to the southern cone and Andean states. I know very little of Brazil, the Guianas, Venezuela and Colombia.


I'm Brazilian Carioca and have travelled to London and California (spent 1 month in each place). So, I'd be really glad to help you on info on Brazil (Rio), London and California.


I have travelled all around Bolivia at most..... but also to Peru, Chile and part of Argentina, for the las t 8 moths I have seen most of Bolivian attractions and made my way through, I have experimented the worse and then found the best, so please count on me for any practical advices!


I have travelled the Pan-American Highway on land from Great Falls, Montana & Mission, B.C., Canada to San Jose, Costa Rico. And from the equador north of Quito, Ecuador to San Pedro Atacoma, Chile & Salta, Argentina. Also from Salta south into Bolivia to La Paz to Cuzco & back to Arequipa from Puno. Visited many Mayan sights in Chiapas area of Mexico, in Guatamala, & Copan in Honduras. Hiked the Inca trail to Machi Picchu, 4-day hike. Hiked to the bottom of Grand Canyon. Visited all Nat'l parks in Rockys except the ones on the West Coast. Willing to help anyone find some of the pilgram trails in the Rockys, including Pony Express & Lewis & Clark, Oregon trail, Mormon trail, & others. Area 51, Roswell, Nazca, Peru. Been there done that. Will return to Costa Rico next year, on into Panama & Columbia, possibly to Quito, Ecuador. Live near the largest swamp in Louisiana, & about 3 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. i am an outdoors person. Camping & hiking is my favorite part time.


Telling you my experiences about my trips throughout this regions. Tips and more.


providing general travel information about hotels, restaurantes, airlines, all kind of transportation, etc.


I have been living, working, and travelling in Ecuador for over two years. I have met countless travellers at my jobs at a popular hostel, the Secret Garden, my job as a guide, and as a bartender at a local ex-pat hangout. I have local contacts for almost anything that one does in Ecuador and can help with bus information, spanish, people and places in different parts of the country. I spend my time helping people who are here or coming here find the things they are looking for.. I would welcome the chance to share what I know with others that are coming this way!


Travelled to Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Chile, travelling by bus throughout and seeing many sights along the way! Ask questions, and ill see if I can help!

Rafa Nanni

Hello traveler, count on my help to your trip to Latin America. I´m brazilian, living in São Paulo and can give you excelent tips of the city and also entire region; cities to visit, hot spots, restaurants, hotels&spa. All that you need to know from here and enjoy your staying!


I can really help you in
Buenos Aires, Bariloche.
Florianopolis, Curitiba, Blumenau, Balneario Camboriu.


I have backpacked most of South America, that being the coutries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia. I have limited information about Uruguay and Bolivia though (just passed through). I learned the language there, the slang, the dances, found my favorite local liquor, met the locals, patied with the locals, was robbed, was helped and fell in love...South America is a world of oppertunities...Take good care of it!

I love to share my new knowledge so ask away...


If you need some information about accommodation, let me help..


Hi There, I am an aussies chick who has backpacked, worked and volunteered all through south america.
I am currently living in Ecuador, on the coast setting up a hostal and running a kitesurfing school!

Shoot any questions my way, if its about spanish schools, ways to travel, scuba dive courses, kitesurfing, surfing through out this amazing contient, i´d love to help.

Jeremy T

I've spent 11 months travelling in South America, and lived and worked in both Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.


I am an experienced nutritionist and manager with a MPH and a Master in Training and Development with fifteen years experience working in emergency relief and strong computer and financial skills. I have worked in Somalia and Sudan (1993- 1994) supervising programs for child survival, water and sanitation, immunizations, and food for work. In Angola (1991- 1992) I trained traditional birth attendants and community health workers in nutrition and primary care and oversaw therapeutic and supplemental feeding programs. I also worked in West Africa ,Central America and Colombia with the U.N. (1985- 1991) supervising food for work programs and refugee camps management with a focus on accessing the most vulnerable populations. I speak Spanish, English and I am familiar with Portuguese and Arabic


Extensive traveller in 14 countries of Central and South America. Get off the gringo trail!


I spent 2.5 months in South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia), travelling around with a friend.


Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Places to go, accomodation, information about attractions, tours, food, language. I can also provide some information about prices, tourists are sometimes overcharged. I work in a travel agency, not as a seller, but as a secretary. So, I can help, without any kind of compromise.


by living in buenos aires, argentina i can help you by telling you everything i know about beautiful latin america
i d just like to be helpful, so if you have any questions, just ask me!!
i ll be glad to answer them, it ll be my pleasure...
have fun and be sure to enjoy your stay in south america!!!
(note that i ve only been to argentina, brazil, chile, uruguay, columbia and paraguay.)


I lived in South America for nearly 3 years, and worked for a travel agency. I can help especiially with Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Brasil.


I am aformer south america tour leader (for over 5 years). I have traveled all around excepting venezuela and colombia (Wich I visited but never professionaly traveled) I still travel regularly to South America for business reasons... hope i can be of help

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