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I have visited various regions and places in Spain. I love this country!


Have travelled independently to various parts of Spain.


I lived in Málaga for two years and still visit the city every year. You can ask me where and how to get around. I’m not interested in nightlife, so can’t help you with that.

Herr Bert

I lived in the south-east of the Netherlands. A lot of questions on the forum are about Amsterdam, but if you want to explore the Netherlands, beyond Amsterdam, and you run into questions, I am willing to help you answer them. I have lived in Madrid for almost 5 years, and 1 year in Bratislava,


I can give you information about different parts of Spain and maybe show you round if you come to Madrid


I' spanish but living in Belgium (Liege)
Do not hesitate to ask about Liege, Wallonie and Belgium en general.
About Spain, ask whatever you need to know.


I've travelled by car and by train in Spain quite a few times. Especially Barcelona is a place I love and would be happy to give info on the city and its surrounding Catalunya.


I live near Ronda in Andalucia.

I can help with accomodation, travel arrangements, suggest places to visit etc


I have lived in Lake Vinuela area of andalucia, Southern Spain for past 3 years, in Nerja for 3 years before that and had a holiday home in Santa Ponsa Majorca for 10 yearas prior to that. Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any queries for you.


In March 2010 we went to Barcelona where my husband did the Barcelona marathon. Also, we went to Fuertuventura, Canary Islands.


I live in the north east of Spain. I can provide useful information about Barcelona or the whole region known as Catalonia: trains, buses, accomodation, touristy and not so touristy sites, ...

Just ask me anything you need to know, and i'll do my best to come up with a useful answer.


Basque Country. I live in Donostia-San Sebastian. Contact me if you have any question about it.


city:granada, Sevilla


Giving advises about Barcelona and Catalonia in general


I live here in Valencia and i run a Native English speaking company called Valencia VIP which we can arrange transfers, Acc, Tours, Party weekends etc. So get in touch and get the most out of Valencia Spain.


I have done the Camino de Santiago twice, and would be happy to share do´s and don´ts with anyone that is considering the trip. After completing the trip the last time, I decided to stay on here in Spain, so I could possibly offer info regarding the south of Spain,particularly Salobreña, Granada where I am living.


I live in Mijas-Costa, Costa-del-Sol, if i can help with any enquires about living/moving/holidays/restaurants etc etc in this area, i will if i can.


Places to visit in north of Spain and Madrid.


I have lived in the Costa Blanca and can share my knowledge to those wishing to travel to this area.


If yoy have any answer about Spain, maybe I can help you. Regards,


I lived in Madrid.
Im living in Barcelona now, be glad to answer any questions about the city


Spend there there most of my life


I am English and have lived in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain for 17 years. I know a lot about Tenerife and a little about teh other Canarian Islands and Spain, so if I could help anyone, I would be happy to.


I can help you giving information about trips, monuments, acomodation...


I've had the opportunity to live in Spain as well as the privilege to continue visiting Spain on a regular basis. I can provide solid advice for independent adult travellers (with our without families) in regards to lodging, restaurants, sightseeing, etc. I am not at all knowledgeable with youth or budget travel.


I can mostly help out people travelling to the north of Spain, specially the Basque Country. I used to work for a company customizing itineraries through the Basque Country, Green Spain and all the Iberian Peninsula in General. Although I must say that I still have so many places to visit, to get to know... I would be glad to help you in anything I can, practical information, transport, accommodation, language tips, etc...


I am from Barcelona and would be glad to help you with any questions about this area. I check my e-mail regularly.


I am almost fluent in Spanish, I am familiar with ferries coming in from Italy (great way to get there). I know how to use the underground in Barcelona and I know the area around Madrid's 'Gran Via' very well.


Hi, I live in Barcelona so I can help with everything that you may need!


Spent a year "studying" in Spain, though i did more travelling than studying. I can give you good tips or recommend great places to go.


Before I get e mails from the zillions of people (or ´guiries´ as the natives call you) planning to visit Spain.....I only know Cadiz. I lived in Madrid for just over a year, so I can help out a wee bit with advice about there.


I can help with Spain, specifically Madrid. I'm from there and I obviously know quite a lot on eating out, partying areas, areas and so on.


Travel information for Barcelona


Hello!!!Well, I spent a 3 summer seasons working around the Balearic Islands so can offer any advice on anyone considering working or moving out there!!!Ive spent considerable time on all of the islands in many different areas so can tell you some great places to visit, transport, points of interest etc!!!Spent a lot of time in Mainland Spain also especially in Barcelona!I love Barcelona!!So any questions give me a shout!always happy to help!


I can be a good source of info if you're planning to go to virtually anywhere in Spain, but specially in the Alpujarras of Granada, a distinguished mecca for travellers. Also good for Edinburgh, where I've lived many years. Practical advice given, how to find a cheap flights between Spain and the UK, accomodation, things to do and see away from the beaten track in both places...


I live in Andalucia and know the area quite well (Granada, Malaga and inland areas and may be able to give travellers to the area some inside info!


Hi, I am a German girl living in Úbeda, a city in Andalusia.

I work in a Spanish language school and give all kinds of information about surroundings, sports facilities, monuments,... to my students. I can organize excursions, have contacts to many people offering cheep accommodation, ...

And I don´t mind, giving all this information to individual travellers who stay in Andalusia.

Cordoba and Granada are very near to Úbeda, so if you visit those cities, contact me and maybe you would like to come to visit me in Úbeda.

Looking forward to your messages.



The pylgrim way to Santiago is one of the best world treks and you don't have to be catholic to do it. Trek 100 or 1000 kms around countryside in Spain, sleep for free if you are a real trekker or bycicler (not cars allowed!). I have a web site with plenty of information,, in spanish, english and dutch, and I will be happy to help you with any special request you have, taking in account that I travel around the world most of the year, so sometimes will take a while to answer your request.


Spain, I am living, travelling and guiding groups in Spain for the past 30 years, so any questions about the sunny coast of the mediterranean sea, specialy Valencia, just ask.


French guy living in barcelona, huge flat so i can help if really necessary
Please ask me what you need about Barcelona and France.


I'm from Granada. I've lived in Malaga, Almeria and Sevilla. Anyone travelling to Andalusia could ask me whatever they want..I'll try to help! I've also live for a while in Madrid...


I' ve been in Andalusia so I know that area.


Need Help travelling around Spain. I might help ou with specific regions.


Tips for undiscovered regions of Spain like Galicia, northwest Spain and its capital Santiago de Compostela


I'm from Valencia and actually live and study in Barcelona (already for 4 years!) so i can help you if you want to travel to one of those cities...


I'm a Brit currently living in Barcelona. I've been here over 3 years. I write about food and travel and have a food tourism company. As well as Barcelona and Catalunya I can also help somewhat with Mallorca and Andalucia (Granada, Cordoba, Huelva, around Sevilla).


I live in the Andalusia Area in the south of Spain and I work with tourist in a hotel in Seville. I can give information about places or what to do in all the Andalusia area.


If you need some help concerning Barcelona, e.g. how to get there, accommodation and what to do: ask me.


I can give you any advise about the country I live in... Just ask and I'll try to help!


I can help you with everything you want to know about Vasque Coutry the place I live, cheap hotels, restaurants........ I can also give you some information about other spanish regions. Ill do my best.

Eduard BCN

If you are coming to Barcelona fore some days and you want any information about gastronomy, accomodation, culture, goig out issues
do not hesitate to contact me. I will be very glad to help you!!

See ya in Barcelona!!


I am a travel agent and have visited Spain several times. I am fluent in Spanish and am familiar with not only the tourism side of the country, but also its customs, culture and history. Although I can plan any sort of tour to Spain and enjoy doing so, my particular area of expertise is food and wine tours.


Barcelona, Canary Islands, Tenerife

marcia A

I spent three months in spain during the summer of 2006. I mostly spent time in tenerife in the canary islands and barcelona.


If you want to learn Spanish, but don´t know how or where, I have been a few times to Spain. Ask me any questions and I will try to help you. "Hasta Pronto"
Bas van Woerden - Netherlands


surfing or just cafe'ing along the whole coast of North spain, from a road tripper. anything u wanna know from good towns to visit to far-out surf breaks. be pleased to help out


I've been to Spain four times, and have seen a lot of this country, if anyone has a question.


I'm from Barcelona (Catalunya) (Spain). So, if you need any information just let me know. This is my email: [email protected]


I live in Catalonia (near Tarragona). If you are planning a travel to my country, ask me. I will try to help you. I speak Spanish, Catalan, French and a bit or English and Italian.


I will be willing to help everybody´s travelling around the place I live, Cordoba. As a matter of fact, I am living in "Jerez de la Frontera" at the moment, so I can provide informatin (and company) both places. Due to family reasons I am familiar with Pamplna too, so if any query, I´ll do my best. If you´re planning a holiday or just wanna talk about travels... here I am :-)


Travelled extensively for over a year, lived in Bilbao-Getxo, Spain for a year. From culture to sites, climate, tapas bars, discotecas


I own property in spain, and travel their regularly.

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