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I first came to Stockholm as a Swedish interpreter, then as a travel guide, and now I am visiting now and them by myself, when I have time and money – neither happens very often, though!


Since I'm Swedish and have lived here for most of my life, I think I know what there is to know actually! Also, I'm really in to outdoor stuff so if you have questions about that I could probably help you.


I live 2 hours away from Gothenburg, and have lived here all my life. The town I live in is called Mariestad and is quite a small town. Therefore, I know mostly things about living in a Swedish small town.
But since Internet is available I will try to help out with everything that I possibly can so feel free to ask!
And if you didn't know, Sweden's got the best candy in the world!


I grew up in Australia and have also travelled throughout Australia quite extensively. I have also lived in Sweden for a couple of years and have travelled much of Europe, in particular Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. I have also done some travel in Asia. I would be happy to provide travel advice, particularly on places I have travelled and the gastronomic aspect of travel.


Because I am born there and have traveled a lot of places and know much about it.


I've been living in Stockholm for all my life and i know the city inside out. You need tips of what to see, where to go etc. Just ask and i'll gladly help out.


I used to live in Stockholm, the most beautiful place in the Noth Europe!


I live in the southern part of Sweden.


I can help you with questions regarding the southern part of Sweden! Questions about Swedish people, great places, nice hotels and so on. I will try to do my best to help you!


I travelled a lot in Sweden and can offer a lot of information about nice nature areas,nice accomodation,


I live in the south of sweden, In a tourist town called Halmstad. If you have ny uncertainties or queries before going to sweden (anywhere really) feel free to drop me a line. :-)


Living here and been travling many places in Sweden


I live in northern Sweden and operate a holiday company with my girlfriend.
I have been here for 7 years now. We have lots of contacts in Sweden and Norway.
We can offer advice on travel and accommodation.
We will try to help on any matter with visiting Sweden
You can find advice about cross country skiing in Sweden


Hi, my name is Sandra and I'm living in the north of sweden in a town called Örnsköldsvik. I can help with pretty much the whole northern part of the country, but you can ask me about other things/places too and I'll do my best :)


I can especially help regarding travelling around the Gothenburg and Jönköping area.


i know all about to sail in the swedish westcoast. And all about the cities near gothemburg. I know a bit about the norwigean coast also.



I'm a french girl and just discovered this site. I think this is great to be able to share experience whenever possible ! So if I can be of any help for people travelling to France (I'm from Annecy in the Alps ; but I know Lyon, Paris, Rouen, South of France and some parts of Bretagne) or to North of Sweden (family over there ; so I've been spending some time there as well).
Here from U !


I have a cabin in Stöten, Sweeden (Ski resort) and can help you with accomodations and general info about the area (Sälen).

No Sweden questions; but all the answers on Sweden travel?

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