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I have visited Switzerland over the past 20 years, and am happy to help with questions on transportation, hiking, and sightseeing.


lived there 10 years and speak the languages


I live in Switzerland since I was born. If you want to know where to go skiing or what places are the most beautiful in Switzerland, you may ask me.


German citizen living in Zurich, so should you need to know what to do (not only nightlife but surounding also) let me know


I've been living near Zürich City all my life. If you have any questions, just ask. Also I'm always happy to show people arround.


I'm Swiss, I know Switzerland well, specially Basel, Lausanne, Geneva and Lucerne. I also know most ski resorts in the Alps.


I travelled from Geneva to Zurich in March 2003. Backpacking all the way and independently. Many interesting experience! Can help out at travelling planning, sightseeing, food, souvenir buying...


I speak a bit of German and can help you with some common phrases. I know about Luzern and getting to Mt. Pilatus.


Have lived in Geneva, Switzerland for around 2 years. Can help in general.


I live in Switzerland and can give any information you need.
ex: Prices for public transport, suggestions what to visit, Hotels around zurich, how you can travel very cheap in Europe...


Hiya. I'm a Swiss girl who lives in Interlaken. For any information about Interlaken, the Jungfrau region and adventure sports feel free to contact me.


I spent the more than 21 years in Switzerland - well, I grew up in the area of Basel - and I guess, I know the country quite well... so if you have any questions - just ask and I try to help as good as possible!;)


I am a travelling Zurichois and I can help especially with Information concerning Zurich & Environment and the Zentralschweiz.


Personal knowledge of living there for 13 years and attending a local Swiss school (fluent in Swiss German) and knowing the culture, its people and places of interests very well.


I have traveled through alot of Switzerland. I know how you can save money while in Switzerland (a very hard thing to do). I speak almost fluent German.


possible activities, accomodations, transportation suggestions, etc (i lived there during 2003-2004)

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