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I live near Chonburi.
Have driven extensively in Thailand and Laos.


Kanchanaburi and the Bridge over the River Kwai.
Patong, Phuket.
Not getting the wrong taxi from the airport and paying double.


i have been there twice and travelled pretty much throughout the country


Provide Budget Accommodation


this is my 3rd year in thailand, at the moment i live in bangkok. if you have any questions or need help, you are welcome to ask


I spent 2 months in Thailand in the summer of 2003. I began my trip in Ayuthaya seeing the Historical Park. I traveled by train to Phitsanulok. I enjoyed the riverside park where they offer outside aerobic classes for all ages. It is a great walking town with lots to see and do. Then I went to Phrae on the way to Chiang Mai where I stayed for 1 month and taught English to 2 men from the Disabled Center, a community that encourages business ownership. Check it out online. Then on to Hua Hin, a beachside resort where the King and Queen live. Then Kanchanaburi to see the Bridge on the River Kwai. Bangkok was an enjoyable city with river travel to anyplace you want to go. My budget was $100 USD a week but it could be done for much less. Eating street food and fruit is safe in Thailand.


I am a 28 years old Greek man and I travelled in Thailand on summer of 2008. I 've been in Bangonk, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Phi Phi island, Krabi, Samui, Phangan. I would be happy if i could give some imformations for the places i 've been.


Spent three weeks with friends in the State Dept.

Bangkok, Rachamburi, Old City, Chaing Mai, Clong (canal tours), canal taxis and long tail boats. Ko Sumui Island. Sukamvit Road... really cheap tailors. silk and others.
fighters, more markets. Thompson Silk.

One day -- Buttefly farm, Orchid Farm, Elephant show/Ride, Silk factory, Gem factory, Temple tour, 6 part cultural show and feast $ 8.00

Great people ( Buddists),
good food, inexpensive food - $ 1.25 for shrimp or pork, or chicken
along with rice and stir fried vegitables. Fired insects 25 cents. not for me.


I have been here twice so far and will be heading there for my third solo trip in April, I will try to help where I can as I passionate about this country, love visiting and traveling around it!


I have travelled around a protion of Thailand alone and am happy to talk to anyone about it - it is a different experience and can be quite a culture shock if you have never travelled to such a different place before.


I have visited Thailand 3 times, staying for a maximum of 2 and a half months. I travelled to the deep south (Trang) and visited several small islands. Also stayed in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. In the latter city I studied Tai Chi Chuan with a great guy called Keith. I also took a 6 week Thai Massage course at ITM. I would be happy to give any advice about these places and activities.


Frequent Bangkok on a monthly basis for work. Shoot me a query on the capital and I will try my best to help out.


If theres anything, just leave me a message..


How to get to, how to get around, people, culture, food, prices, accommodation, places to visit, places to avoid


Eric is happy to answer questions about this Country. I have visited twice for 30 days. My total of 60 days in this country allowed me to travel ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. I have enjoyed the local economy. I have also seen many of the Tourist Attractions. If you have Questions, please ask. Should I not know the answer, I can refer to others. I always recommend for new visitors. READ the 40 pages of Information there, and you will have a good reference for visiting this wonderful country.


I have lived in Phuket since 2000 and enjoy living here and exploring the interesting places that you can find I write about things to do in Phuket ( and restaurants that I have visited in Phuket ( - I hope that I can help. I have started a concierge which may have answers for you -


travled throughout the country let me kno how i could help


I have been living in Thailand since 1989. I have traveled extensively throughout the Kingdom and wanted to share my wonderful experiences of Thailand with others.

I stayed in many villages and met with the village headmen many times. I learned about their culture, way of life, religion, and do's and don'ts.

I am now retired with my beautiful Thai wife and still living in North Thailand. We are very active in helping orphaned children through our church here. I occasionally write travel articles for magazines and newspapers.

Now we both travel around Asia, mostly to Yunnan Province China, Mayalsia and Hong Kong.

If you have any questions about Thailand please let me know.


You can ask me anything about Thailand xD


I have been travelling to Thailand since 1991, and have lived and worked here for over 15 years now. I am more than happy to try help anyone have a better holiday in Thailand, by giving them some advice, and share in my experiences so they don't waste any valuable time and money going down the wrong 'track'.


i can help u all about the hotels/trasport/how to visit places in cheap

Tiddy Wallapa

I'm Thai and i live in Bangkok. I love travelling and hope to fulfill everyone to reach the amazing of Thailand, the land of smile!


Hello Strangers!
I'm local Thai who really familiar to Bangkok and Phuket. I used to work as a Guest Relations Officer and Concierge in five stars hotels, so you can be sure that information given by me is trusty. Feel free to ask me, i'm happy to help.


I have been there 4 times over the last 6 years and have had the opportunity to live there for 1 year. I know the obscure little towns as well as the main places people like to go.

George Conradie

I traveled Thailand extensively, from Chiang Mai in the north to the islands in the south in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. I have settled in Thailand and have been living here for the past 3 years during which I have been working in the tourism industry.


Visited Thailand 6 times. Can suggest about transportation, accommodation and "what to see" :)


I can introduce the place to enjoy eating in Bangkok and the interest place around Thai.
Or you have problem about transport you can ask me too.


buckets, budda's, boats, bartering, bathing.....says it all


I travelled round Thailand for 7 weeks. Went to a variety of places:
Bangkok, Kachanaburi, Ranong, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui and Koh Tao.
Went to some lesser known areas and didn't do anything through organised companies.
Stayed in some very cheap places and some very expensive...would love to help if I can!!


I live in Sattahip, 15 kms south of Pattaya City.I own a small guest house.


Answer questions about most parts of Thailand except the Northeast including scubadiving in Thailand


I'd be glad to share any tips from my honeymoon in Koh Chang (eastern Thailand island archipelago) and Khao Yai National Park. I'm not much of one for package tours, so if you have questions on how to get from point A to point B on your own, ask away!


been there like many people, but maybe helpful when it comes to travelling remote as a woman alone with some strenous trips included.


I have been in Thailand for 23 years and it is my home country.


I live in Bangkok, so of course help you about Bkk. I also know in Phang-nga and Phuket because my parents live there and I often go there too.

Hmmm... I went to TheeLorSu waterfall twice, the biggest waterfall in Thailand, I also help you about how to go there.

Ayuthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand? I have visitted it four times. You can ask me about it too.

I'm Thai.... I can speak Thai, hahaha+ You just ask me, I will find the answer and tell you.

PS. Please ask me by e-mail:


Born and live in Bangkok for so long that i think other people should be able to come and see the charms of this City of Angels and the Land of Smiles. i'll try my best to help you have the best experience in Thailand, especially Bangkok! :)


I've travelled to Thailand independently, I only booked the flight, nothing more. I've only travelled the south of the country though.


I was in several parts of Thailand and rested with children over there- they loved the contry as well. So if you think i can be of any help- please contact me.


I have been in Thailand several times, last trip was 2009.
Just ask and we will see.


I have spent a alot of time around Thailand, particulary Phuket and Krabi also Hat Yai


BKK - Ko Lanta - Ko Chai - Ko Tarutao - Ko Lipe - Pai


In Thailand, I have travelled to:

Khao Yai National Park
Chiang Mai
to the Lao border


Travelers who wants to know about the northern region of Thailand.


I live in Chiang Rai, north of Thailand,anyone need help?


Sawadee!Travelled extensivly around Thailand and fell in love with the country!Spent a particular length of time exploring the islands and found some fantastic little places!Also I adore Bangkok, so any questions fell free to ask!


Done thailand on several occasions. Both the southern islands and the north.
Been to most places on the standard trail and lots away from them as well.


I stay here and I can help with accomodation in bangkok and can give some tips as to where to go as per the interest of the person. I can also help with the beautiful islands of thailand


I have a brother that lives in Thailand the past 15 years. At present he's in Kamala. I hadn't seen him for 7 years so last year I went to Thailand for 8 months, from April to Dec. left just before the tsunami. I spent 6 months in Kamala/Patong area on the island of Phuket. I was in Bangkok for a total of 2 weeks at various times. My last two months in Thailand I stayed in Pattaya. Studied the language while I was in Kamala and got around quite a bit. Lots of help for people traveling to Thailand on this site, but from some of the help mail I've read it leaves a lot to be desired. I would enjoy giving anyone information that's within my scope of experience, just ask...sincerely Lew


I'm current with the Thailand- Cambodia border crossings, (Cost,hassels,things to avoid,etc..)Also, I know Cheap, Cool, comfortable,scenic,PArty, places along the way. I can give a great Itenerary from two weeks to a year. Hee hee I Know a place where the rent is 2$US a year.hows that.....(not joking)
I like Cambodia and feel it's one of the very few places left that you can still get the feeling that your trailblazing. Not crowded with tourist and the westerners you do meet there have character. like the Islands of Thailand used to be on the south-eastern coast. The only Beaches in cambodia. Clean water,Nice people, good dance, and relaxed in every way.


Anything about Thailand you can ask. I was born here, have lived here for 27 years and I travelled around my country and neighboring countires alot.
Hope I can help...


Food, Transportation, Beaches, Accomodations, Attractions


General information on Thailand. Accomm, travel, islands, activities, health.


I spent 2 months in Thailand last year and absolutley loved it, can't wait to go back one day.
I have been to Bangkok, Kanchanaburi (river kwai region), Pattaya, Sri Racha, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Tao, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Samui, Phuket, Koh Phi phi, Krabi and Hat Yai.
I can help out with travel advice (buses, trains etc), what to see and what to miss, best time of year to go, that sort of thing.


i have travelled in thailand a few times . the people are easy going the foods good and its not expesive. chiang mai (the second largest city) is my favorite place . if you need any info i would be glad to help ... john


Hello, last year I was in Thailand for 6 months, a long vacation for me. I stayed a long time in Koh Phangan (3 Months), but I've been to many other places also. So if you have any kind of questions , don't hesitate !


I travel around Thailand very often and am based in Singapore.


Living on Koh Samui, Thailand
speaks/writes Dutch, English, german and thai.


Tourist attractions, language, tips etc.


I have been living in Thailand for 18 years. I run an Association. I could help about travel and charity.


I travelled Thailand two times (Sep. 2003 and Jan./Feb. 2005)


Informations about Bangkok


I can help with areas to stay in Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Krabi and Bangkok!


I have a scandalous love affair with this country. Ask what you will.


I live in Chiang Dao, a beautiful, peaceful, mountainous area just over an hour North of Chiang Mai. I am involved with assisting people with their North Thailand travels on a professional basis too, but this is for fun. Please forgive me if I'm biased towards Chiang Dao!


I have lived in Bangkok for about 5 years. I know Bangkok inside out so feel free to ask me anything about it. I also know alot about other destinations in thailand like Samui, Krabi, Chiang Mai.


I can give them a suggest and I have my own B&B business in Bangkok, Thailand.


anything about me!

food, night life, beaches, doesnt end...............................................................................


I live in Chiang Mai; a famous traveller's destination in northern Thailand. Let me help you with your problems :D


i live in Bangkok as my mainland and sometimes i have some friends visited from many countries so im kinda helping them what they should do in bangkok or thailand. actually there is another one thing that i want to do,but let wait until i have my own house is like hosting travellers--i think that is kinda so kool idea,right? by the way if you have any question ,you feel free to ask!!!


I've been in Thailand just one month, maybe i can help you. My email:


i travelled thailand last year


I can offer advice and Travel Info for:


I travel to Thailand a few times a year and can help with general questions about Thailand. I love Thailand and would love to share anything I can to help travellers discover this charming country.


Mainly Phuket but also general Thailand questions.


Spent a month in a hammock after a long stretch of work


travelling tips and informations

No Thailand questions; but all the answers on Thailand travel?

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