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I've travelled extensively through California, and am reasonably familiar with Chicago. All this was quite a while ago, so probably better not to ask me too detailed questions about practical matters. I should be able to help out some with pointers of what's worthwhile and what isn't, though.


Couchsurfing and Housesitting. How to travel full time. How to live now like you're retired.

I've been living from my backpack full time since April 2019. I spend less than $600 USD a month for all my expenses, including lodging and transportation. I've picked up a great deal of knowledge on how to do it all


I have lived in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Greenville, SC. I have also lived in San Diego, Ca for ten years. My passion is budget travel and hostels. I hope to help anyone with questions and anyone who needs suggestions.


Have worked in the USA on and off for 12 years. Have spent extensive time (at least 1 month) in Denver, Detroit, Columbus (OH), San Antonio, St. Louis, San Francisco, New York/New Jersey, Seattle, Houston and Atlanta. I have a good grasp on other parts of the country as well.


I can assist with answers concerning San Francisco, CA. USA.


I have been in Las Vegas for over 50 years and have been to 49 states. I will help if I can.


I lived in California 24 years. Would love to help people plan their trips to northern California especially. I also spent 5 years living in and exploring Portland, Oregon and the state of Oregon. I am able to answer questions about either state, and I am knowledgeable about beaches, campgrounds, places to snowboard/ski, and other things to do.


Hotel recommendations, activity, safety factor


I have visited 45 USA states. My area is Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming.
I specialize in wilderness and back-country camping.


I was born and raised in Los Angles, California. I would be glad to help answer question regarding places to go, things to do in California. I lived in Los Angles the first 30 years of my life, so I have lots of information on great places to check out in LA.


I am kind of a specialist for Florida. Have been there many times.


I can be of assistance about Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Central California. I have lived in AZ, MI and WI. I have been to Central California 8 times and counting (I have a lot of family there) I will try and answer any questions anyone might have and give my honest opinion of places I've visited.


I live in the U.s. and have traveled from coast to coast driving.


I have lived in Wyoming, Montana, and Washington, DC for significant amounts of time.
I have also travelled to many places in the US.
Having been born and raised in America, I have plenty of friends, family, and acquaintences throughout the country.


I can advise on travel to Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Southern California, Virginia, and Washington, DC, as well as Disneyland and Walt Disney World.


Hiring an RV in California.
Las Vegas.
What not to do in Yosemite.


I've live in the Northeast of the states most of my life! I'm based out of Philadelphia these days but have made several road trips throughout the country making it as far as Las Vegas in the Southwest, Sun Valley, Idaho in the Northwest and all the way down to Mexico via the Blue Ridge Parkway. I've seen a lot of what's in between as well. I'm happy to help out the best I can!


I grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and know a good bit about most of the Midwest. I've also lived in Santa Fe, Houston, Indianapolis, New York City, Cooperstown (NY), and Holland (MI). In addition, I have travelled most of the continental U.S. by car, van, or truck, so I can answer all sorts of random questions.


FLORIDA: I'm a native Floridian, and I've lived in several cities across the state (as a starving artist, no less, so I understand lack of funds). There is far more to my beloved state than Disney--please let me tell you all about it! (PS as much as it pains me to say this, I used to work for Disney, so I could tell you about that, too)


I currently live in the DC/Baltimore area.


CHICAGO-S.CALIFORNIA: Live in Chicago now, but traveling is my passion. I can give you some advice if you are coming to Chicago and some cheap places to eat/ stay as it gets expensive in the city!

Though I can't give advice on places to stay, I can suggest some things to do and what I thought of some other countried I've traveled to as well (too many to list)


I have lived in the United States for the last 15 years, 3 in New York (Manhattan), the rest in Florida. I can help you out with these two places in the States, let me know if you need any help.


I know a lot about NYC travel there frequently, I also go to Las Vegas,Nevada once per month so i am very familiar with this area. I also know a lot about the east side of Florida and Orlando. I you are coming to Salt Lake City, Utah i live here i can probably show you around if you come here.


I have lived all along the East Coast of the US. I can help quide you through NJ, NY, VT, MA, and VA. I moved to California this year and have travelled through more than 35 of the states. Need any help getting around? I'd be more than happy to be your guide.


I can help you with a vacation to Disney! I worked in the college program there and I know all the ins and outs of these fantastic parks. Ask me anything.


I'm British so can possibly help other British people when travelling to the USA. I spent 3 month travelling by Amtrak, plane and car throughout a large portion of the USA. I visited the big cities and many national and state parks in and around the Utah area. 17 cities and 11 parks.

My intent on visiting the USA was to understand the country and people, while seeing the amazing landscape.


I am an american who has lived and worked in the USA most of my life.


i grew up in massachusetts so i can try and help with things to do and places to go in new england.

John Paul

Born and bred in New York, and New Jersey, I've lived all over the continental United States.


i know a decent amount about florida (mostly south) and new york city/long island area.. ill try my bestto answer whatever you got for me.


i'd probably be most helpful with transportation planning (train/plane/bus/car) questions. I've lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, and Nashville - and visited many fun places in between (Vegas, Austin, Chicago) so if you're headed anywhere there, I might be able to help!


I can make recommendations on which parks to visit, and to camp at for good portions of the western united states, and the upper midwest. This doesn't include Colorado or Wyoming (sorry, don't know enough myself).

If you give me your hobbies, I can direct you to places to partake in them. Again for the west and midwestern states. I have knowledge of other areas of the US, but not as much as I do for the west.

I can also recommend good places to eat. Generally, I like small cafe's mom and pop restaurants, so those are what I can best describe.

Scots Heather

I've travelled extensively over the past 10 years in the USA. Over most states.

Amie L.

I have travelled the states a fair as I am for some reason in love with Americana kitsch. I can help with any questions.


Travel advice, fun destinations, etc.


I have travelled 46 of the 50 states. I currently live in Los Angeles, but grew up in New York State, so I am very familiar with both the east and west coast. Not to mention I have friends in a lot of places around the country!


I live about an hour from Washington DC (USA Nations capital). I travel a fair amount in the USA. Can give general guidance to traveling in US.


I live in the Washington DC area and know all the major sites of DC. If you would like a free tourguide I am available for hire.


I am able to help with any questions about travel to Ohio and to Orlando/Disney World in Florida. I can also offer some limited assistance with visiting Washington, DC.


I have travelled most of the usa. Four years in Wisconsen and four years Florida. I have seen a lot.


If you need any help or tips concerning the Northeastern area of the USA I'm your man! (Philadelphia, New York, Boston, etc.)


Washington, DC - I live here and can offer advice on unique things to see and do.

Sober travel - where to find meetings around the world for those on the road and in recovery.


I lived on the island of Oahu in the Waikiki Area for a semester. There are alot of really cool things to disover about the island. Let me know if I can be of service.


I have travelled through the USA 8 times, over 30,000 miles and have seen 39 states. I have also worked in Massachusetts for a few months. I have loads of knowledge on public transportation, places to stay, places to see and places to avoid! Exploring the states is my favourite thing to do, so if you want to explore it too, hopefully i can help.


I would love to share information about the places I have been and know very well. I have lived in Texas for over 20 years but have travelled all over. I'll help you with whatever I can!


I live in CA, so I can help there, but I have also done a lot of travel within the US, I will try to help you as best as I can.


Boston, Massachusetts

This is the place I am very proud to call home. I was born and raised here and there are so many wonderful things about my city that I'm sure any world-class traveller would enjoy: Great shopping, LOADS of history, amazing food (from the high end to the basic pub fare), easy walkability as well as extensive public transport, world reknowned museums, and everything from beaches to mountains all within a close proximity. If anyone has any questions about Boston or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in general, feel free to ask and I will be glad to help.


I have lived in Florida my entire life, so I can help with almost all cities in the state. Have visited many other states, as well (about 1/2 of them), so may have some advice for those, also.


Traveled the US extensively. I know which areas are not safe.


Born and raised in the midwest, I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri, make all my own travel accommodations, and am constantly checking travel rates to just about anywhere in the world! In the US, I can be found roaming anywhere between the Appalachians and Rockies any given weekend. My better half is from Chattanooga, TN, and has had the pleasure of traveling through Germany and Italy while singing opera, and I am a zealous Scotland freak. We are planning our honeymoon to Thailand and Cambodia right now, so always glad to offer help where that is concerned. I love a good road trip, but also really enjoy riding the rails (Amtrak).


farmiliar with long island,manhattan


I'm very familiar with California - in particular Southern California Beaches.

robert t

I have visited the US, lived there (mainly NY area) and also visited Canada from one sea to the other.. Might be able to provide advice


live, work, and travel throughout for the last 16 years. Very familiar with the East Coast, California and the Chicago area.



i would like to help you guys in any vacation question.


I grew up in central OH and have traveled to many US states. My top two favorite cities I've been to are NYC and Chicago. If I don't have the answers for you, then I would love to do some research and help you on your travels!


have travelled it all my life


Give directions .places to visit and places to stay


I have lived in many places in the northeast region of the United States, so I can definitely be of help if you are interested in the northeast!


Since having lived in the USA and have had the travel bug for some time I have been to most areas in the US. I am always the economist while traveling but have a weakness for good food and seeing the art / cultural events wherever I go.


I live near New York City. I can help you with travels in Florida, New England and of course, New York City.


I spent more than 4 years living and working in Southern California, Colorado, and Virginia. Feel free to ask for advice/help.



I travelled California and Florida states by car a few times in USA and I can provide information to travellers who wishes to do the same thing.


I live on Cape Cod in Masachusetts, New England, or the North East, which ever is easier to understand!

I have traveled, and lived ina few places along the east of the USA and I would be willing to help however I can!


Information about Los Angeles (especially), Las Vegas, and Mexico near the border. How to get around in California, cultural stuff, etc. etc.


I live in Los Angeles and know it VERY well. I would love to help travellers out here with sight seeing


I spent several months on two occassions working as an intern within the fashion industry out in New York.Was living right in the middle of the action, enjoyed going out, visiting restaurants, bars clubs...doing a lot of shopping....of course all the sights...took in so many museums and galleries, attended events with guest speakers, much to see and do there!!!!
Happy to help with any advice of what to do whilst in New York!Also if there are people who are students or going to live, work or move into the city I have contacts of several accomodation routes and Halls of Residence over there. Ive stayed at a couple of the residences over there as well as signed for a sublet so I have lots of tips on those kind of practical things!!And of course some places for great food and drinks!!!!


I have visited many different corners of the US (almost entire eastern seaboard; road trip from Montreal to Louisiana with stops in Columbus and Nashville; spent a few days in LA and drove to Las Vegas).


Great Lakes areas, hocking hills, Windsor.


Can help with all of Mexico, South Africa, SE USA, Mid-Atlantic USA, and New England (USA).


USA, ask me about New York city or visiting reservations of Northamerican native people (First People of USA before white people came :-), specialy Cherokee rez in North Carolina, or Shinnecoock rez on Long Island,NY


Give advice about what to see in West USA and how to organize your trip


I've travelled in most parts of the USA/ Canada and Alaska, by motorhome (camping)except in the North East


I can help visitors interested in vising Philadelphia, the city in which the United States was initially formed. I am able to provide travel/accommodation advice, attraction/sight-seeing advice, etc.

Matt Bos

I can help you with the Boston and New England region of the United States.


I can research information for you. Will gladly help you if I can.


I live in the central US and am most familiar with Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, and San Diego.


I live near New York City and have travelled to Maui, San Francisco and the Midwest of the USA.


I am an experienced traveler and Travel agent. I am highly experienced in all travel and also passport information. I am extremly experienced in insider info on Disney World as I am a past Cast member.
I have extensive knowledge in Las Vegas, Florida, Hawaii, Tenn, New York.


I can tell you all about San Francisco: where to eat, where to stay, where to avoid, etc. I'm moving to Paris, so in about a few months, I'm sure I can give you a couple tidbits about it...


I've lived in Oregon all my life. Home base is Portland, but I also know Eugene from my time at university. I can answer all questions about where to eat/sleep/visit/shop/hike/etc. Love this place and want to encourage anyone interested to come visit!!


Any info people want to know about things to do on any of the islands, feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer them. the Island of Oahu is my area of exptertise.


I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I have spent most of my time in the Northwest (Oregon/Nor.Cal) But I have traveled all over the US. I would be able to recommend some great destinations within the states for anyone who loves adventure, the outdoors, sporting events, or for those of you who just want to absorb some good american culture.


Travelled through New York, Memphis, Mississipi, Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Fransisco


If need to know anything about the U.S. I live there and I have been many places!


I grew up in the USA and I've travelled all over the country on roads and stand-by tickets. If there's a place that's worth going to in the US, chances are I've been there and I know people that live nearby. I'm kinda weak in the New England area though.


Have been to Hawaii, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Happy to answer any questions.


I am a New Yorker who can answer any question about NYC. I can tell you about places tourists don't normally read on those travel guides. Those guides does not do NYC justice.


I am a Full Service Travel Agent. I am certified in Las Vegas and Disney. I am a previous Disney Cast Member who worked in the reservation Center. I also have been cross country by car and travel extensivly


Share what i know


I about to goback there for the 2nd time so ask away!


Midwest Region expert and anything you might need to know traveling abroad in the U. S.


I am business traveller. I have been to many places so I could give some useful tips about the places I visited, also I need some tips from other members on the places I am planing to visit.


I can answer all of your questions about Williamsburg, Virginia. Having lived here for 20 years I have taken advantage of all of the exciting tourist activities that are in this area. My experience encompasses family activities as well as adult entertainment.


Can advise on travel in Vermont in particular and bicycle travel in general. Biked around-the-world 1980-82. Have taken several bike trips in Europe.


I've lived my whole life in Sothern California in Huntington Beach which is pretty much right between Los Angeles and San Diego.


I live in the U.S., also have traveled in every state except alaska..have both camped and stayed in cities...also have lived in NYC, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Boston areas


Hey California girl here - Born and raised - Im from the OC Orange County Disneyland area - I would love to help out with any questions about the Orange county area, or most any part of California - I am also very familiar with the stae of Kentucky - Please feel free to contact me! : )


I have lived in Hawaii for a dozen years, on Maui, and have visited all islands. happy to help anyone considering a trip.


I grew up in Brooklyn and live in Manhattan so I'd love to answer any questions you have and help you make the most of your time. I know alot about the boroughs and surrounding areas so I could recommend all the great things happening outside of Manhattan- like how to get to the nice beaches.


A native who has lived in the Northeast/New England, Midwest, and Southwest -- and who has travelled to many other parts of the country. General help. Specific tips for areas I've lived, e.g. must try foods, dialect tips (yes, we have dialects and some local manners).


Been to some cities in the west coast USA and can give hints on accomodation, planning etc. Also, Hawaii big island, kauai, maui


I live in Manhattan and am extremely knowledgeable about the city. I love it! I'd be happy to share this wonderful city with you.


I have lived and vacationed in the New England Region for 23 years, and I've written articles on the region.

I can answer questions and give advice for travelers and people considering vacationing in the area.


I can answer some questions about certain regions in Texas, Seattle Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and New Mexico.


california, nevada, arizona help...
i know good sking, hiking, beaches in these areas


I'm from Chicago, and would be happy to point you to some of the best spots.


I've traveled all over the US, been to most of the lower 48 states and currently live in Minneapolis, MN. I'd be happy to provide whatever help I can, especially to those traveling to MN or looking for advice on camping/backpacking/tramping/trekking/whatever you want to call it.


Anything about California and the surrounding areas I am fairly knowledgeable about.


Open to any questions someone may have regarding the United States. I'm in the Southwester part of the U.S. but I have general knoweledge of the rest of the country and can help with questions.


I live in central Virginia and can give advice and recommendations to anyone traveling to Virginia, especially history buffs interested in Williamsburg, Richmond, Petersburg, and surrounding areas. There are two excellent amusement parks in Virginia - King's Dominion and Busch Gardens - and I can give detailed recommendations on both. I can also give recommendations on most of Virginia and the Washington DC area. I am also a Walt Disney World fanatic if you will be travelling there.


Moved to LA for schooling two years ago. Have travelled quite a bit within the country, but am most familiar with California.


I've lived in Chicago for 8 years and now live in Florida. I've travelled extensively across the States in that time. I am happy to answer any questions I can.
Presently I'm planning my RTW hoping to leave in Feb 2006.


I grew up near Seattle and know a lot about the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia, Canada. Im also familiar with the Los Angeles area and many other sites along the West Coast. Ive been an avid skier my whole life and know many ski areas in the western half of the US, including some in SW Canada.


I have great experience in providing accommodation, travel, and destination guides help from the past five years.


Northeast USA, especially PA.


I can be your driver and guide, but only if my schedule allows me to.


I've been to 46 states, have lived in several different ones and have traveled extensively. I'll offer anything I can including a home-stay.


I have been all over the USA and Canada and am from Buffalo, NY. I have lived in Mississippi and Philadelphia as well. Ask me anything I will do my best to help out.


hotels/activities/transportation suggestions


I am a long time resident of Branson, MO(30+ years). Have worked in the entertainment, food service, and retail industries and I am very familiar with the area. I would be happy assist with area information.


I live in the Glacier National Park area of Northwest Montana and can help with where to go and what to do and photographs of the area.


I've lived in the Washington, D.C. area for my entire life. If you have questions about the area, I'll do my best to offer you help.


I live in California on the coast


I have traveled to most of the National Parks in the Western U.S, I used to live in Manhattan, and I'm an avid skier both in the U.S. and abroad. Happy to help out however I can.


I've lived in Florida and California, and have traveled extensively in both states. I can tell you about the "real" Florida; it's much better than Mickey Mouse-land! Everglades, fresh water springs in Ocala Nat'l Forest, snorkeling in the Keys, you name it. It's beautiful here, especially in the winter. Cheers!


I know all about the South East and some about the west


Connecticut, yeah pretty much.


will be glad to assist with any questions regarding the southeast Untied States


I've lived in the US all my life! (Um... obviously since I'm a US citizen) I am particularly knowledgeable about California, New York, and Texas. Ask away!


I love helping people travel on a small budget and having the best time they can. I've been through 35 states, many of them multiple times. Hence why I think I can help out with anyone traveling the USA region. I'm also pretty knowledgable with western and eastern Europe.


I live in Chicago - if you're planning on visiting, I might be able to help with questions abou things to do, how to get around..etc.


I live in Chicago, a fantastic city. I have my entire life. I would be more than willing to give advice, tips, or be a tour guide.


I have lived on the east coast and the west coast of the US and driven twice across the interior. I can help in recommended spots to visit in much of the US.


i was born and raised in western USA, and have traveled a lot, mostly through out the western part. you can ask me anything about travel, and i'll probably be able to help you.


PACIFIC NORTHWEST- I have lived in both Oregon and washington my whole, living in and visiting virtually every region. i have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail over both states and have cycled down the coast from British Columbia to California. I can answer ?'s about the best things to see for hikers, bikers and drunks alike in the wonderful world of the Pacific Northwest.


Long time resident of Greater Harrisburg Area of Central Pennsylvania


I am a Cuban-American raised in Miami. I have lived and traveled throughout the US and abroad. I am fluent in Spanish and English and can help travelers to the US (Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Montana) Also I have lived in New Zealand, Gisborne( North Island, 4 hours below Auckland). I have lived in Denmark, in Copenhagen and Jylland (near Roskilde).
I have information about Cuba and can help with the Spanish language in Latin countries.


i'm originally from india(bangalore, 2 b more precise). I live in NY these days.
Gald to help in any way I can.


I've lived in Arizona, California (San Diego and Bay Area) and am currently living in Chicago. If you have questions abot visiting any of these places-let me know. :)


lived in Texas most of my life and now live in Florida; I have traveled quite a bit in the US. I do alot of research before I travel, so I have alot of information. But, I also have friends in many cities, so if I don't know the answer, I can probably get it for you


I am currently studying in Rhode Island and am slowly exploring parts of the East Coast.


I lived in Chicago for three years and know tons about it...willing to help with insider tips...


I currently live in Tampa, FL. I have also lived in Pensacola, Charleston (SC) and Nebraska. I can recommend places to visit, eat, where to stay...


I have traveled most of the U.S. I spent signifficant time in New York and I live in Texas. Let me know if I can help


I have lived in and explored the Pacific Northwest for years. If you have any questions about the San Juan Island's in particular, I'd be happy to help.


I have been to many of the major cities in the U.S. I am from the Tampa bay area in Florida, so that would be my specialty. I also have been to New Orleans many times and can help with that too.


New York City. Boston. Fresno.


If you are looking for places in Southern California or in the Northwestern parts of Missouri. Feel free to leave me a message


I can help w/the U.S.,but i mainly will focus on New York,so anything you want too know about the Big Apple,feel free to ask about anything you can think of..


I have spent the last 20 years taking elderly ladies with limited budgets on sightseeing excursions of the USA. We have traveled in all the continental states visiting National Parks, historical sites, and the "off the beaten path". I would be happy to share any information I might have.


Numerous journeys through the western states backroads on motorcycle


I have information about New Orleans, Louisiana. Louisiana is my favorite place in the U.S..Ask me why.


I have been to the states many times especially NY.


I live in the Baltimore/Washington area. Work in Virginia. Familiar with the tri-state area. Happy to help with DC tour suggestions, as well as info. on day trips to New York and Atlantic City from Balto/DC. Also helpful with metro/amtrack commute info/rates.


Native of Miami, Florida. Very familiar with all things Florida as well as Bahamas.


Have traveled, and lived, in most regions of the US and am knowledgeble about hotels, rental cars, restaurants, costs of just about anything, ( very budget conscious ! )


I’ve lived all around the western United States and traveled the east cost as a tourist. I currently live in Sacramento and if your interested in visiting California contact me, I’m always interested in adventure and can point you in the right direction.


Lived many years in Tampa, Florida and traveled throughout florida quite a bit.

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