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There are currently 65 Travel Helpers for Vietnam. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I have been travelling to Vietnam for last eight years now and could advise visitors to this country.


Working for a tourism company now and have some basic about tourism industry, can introduce you to someone who help you more if i cannot help you.
All supprt are free, no charge and in personal, not as my company.


I spent 10 days in Vietnam. I did my detailed research before reaching there. Also, I have written down about all the personal experiences and tips for each attraction in my blog -


I'm a member Hanoi Free Tour club that aims to introduce Hanoi to foreign travelers. My dream is to bring Vietnam's image to travelers all around the world. To better my Vietnam in everyone's view.


spent 1 month in north vietnam in 2/2004 in Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An. Also took day trips to Halong Bay, Danang DMZ and marble mountain.


I have traveled alot of places in Vietnam and as far as i know, i appreciated the nature has given many beautiful places for my country. If you want to find the answer or the companion, i will gladly to go with you

Natalie Vo

Hi, I'm Natalie from My Tho City, Vietnam.


I live in Ho Chi Minh City, so I can know quite well about the dwelling city.

Nguyen Anh Thu

I’m a humorous girl with an eagerness to practice English. When you come to Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam, I will be your free tour guide. You will be shown a different Ho Chi Minh which has never seen on TVs, magazines, books, v.v.v… I'm willing to support you. Sending me an email and we will be good friends. I’m very happy to welcome kind & nice guys to Vietnam.

Anuj Tikku

travel across hanoi bay and ho chi minh city , trough the mekong river


How to get to, how to get around, people, culture, food, prices, accommodation, places to visit, places to avoid, practical advise


I am a native of Viet Nam. Currently, I am living in the south (My tho city, Tien Giang province). My major is english (not so good), so i would like to seek for chance to practise. Besides, i would be very happy to be able to introduce my hometown to friends around the world. Therefore, if any visitors need help, i am willing to give a helping hand.

i am using skype and email
skype ID: stronglee1234567


Hi everyone, I'm Dzuy, consider me a "local friend" of yours.
I've lived and worked in Hanoi since i was a kid. I know Vietnam, and especially Hanoi, quite well.
I know many tourists came to Vietnam once, and never wanna come back here, even they're totally in love with Vietnam's beauty-spot. That makes me feel quite embarassing. I wanna do something to help, do sth for you guys, and for us.
So today, I'm here to tell you that if you have any question, or need some tips while spending a couple days in Vietnam, just contact me, and we'll have a small discussion.
Here's my information, in case you need it
Name: Dzuy
Address: 8:00AM - 5:00PM : No.33, Alley 135 Doi Can str.
5:00PM - 11:00PM : Hanoi Old Quarter area.
Phone No. +8491 939 1412
Please feel free to contact me if you need my support during your stay in Hanoi. It would be nice to make new friends and have a talk with you guys.
Have a nice and safe trip everyone!


Hi everybody, my name is Ha. I live in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I’m a humorous boy with an eagerness to practice English because I want to improve my speaking English. So when you come to Ho Chi Minh City. I will be your free tour guide and you will have a chance to travel and no free charge of tour guide fee. I am enthusiastic and well acknowledge about Ho Chi Minh city who bound to share the lovely city to you. You will be shown a different Hanoi which’s never been seen on TVs, magazines, book. Please do not hesitate contact with me and this is my phone number is 0914113847, my email is


I'm not a Vietnamese and neither do I speak the language. But I've already traveled 6 times to this country from South to North within just a little more than 2 years. Although there's still much of Vietnam I haven't soaked into, I might be of some help for those seeking to visit Phu Quoc, Ho Chi Minh City a.k.a. Sai Gon, Mui Ne, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Ha Noi, Sa Pa, Ha Long. I've been fascinated by this country.


I am a international student born and raised from Vietnam. With my wide knowledge about Vietnam through my trip and experience in Vietnam, I can help you guys to explore this beautiful city better



I am a tour operator in Halong bay - Vietnam & i can help every one to find the best cruise & tours as their budget!


I'm Vietnamese, so I want all friends should have the good experiences when spending time in my country.


I dont just visit country , i actually move there and live there . Normally 3-6 months in the country .Sometimes even longer


I have spend 4 months in southern Vietnam, mostly in Can Tho. I may be able to answer question regarding travel in Vietnam. Places I have been too include: Can Tho, HCMC, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue

Kieu Anh

I went traveling to many tourist attractions in Vietnam.


Took the bus from lao to Hue then down to ho chi ming missed out on hanoi and sapa i kno some off beat sights and things to do

Bentre homestay

Because I'm a Vietnamese and I love to travel very much




deutschsprachige Reisefuehrung in Vietnam


Offer the best news, informations & booking for travel though Vietnam & Cambodia (especially in biking tours in Vietnam)


Projects to help the foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City
It is not easy for a foreigner can work or travel in strange country.

Introduce myself ..
Name: Vo Hoang Khanh
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 24/07/1991
Habit: SPORT (I can play football, volleyball, table tennis…..), watch US movie, Korean move…, travel, eat fast food like KFC and so on
Now, I am junior and studying Business Administration at International University – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City
My Address: I am living in 27/14, 15 ward , Binh Thanh District in Ho Chi Minh city.
Characteristics : Friendly, Hospitality, Honest, sincere, inquisitive
English Communication: Average
I am a volunteer of Projects to help the foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City
Purpose: To help you some difficult when you work or travel in Vietnam and exchange knowlealge together … such as Language, Cultural, Travel and so on
When I was a children, My dream is…. I want to have a closely Foreigner friendly and speak English!
My hometown in Nha Trang Beach City - One of 29 most beautiful bays in the world ( A paradise with sunshine and wind)
I very very Happy to help you anything if you need-if you see difficult when u live in Vietnam, with enthusiasm of a Vietnamese .... such as I can teach Vietnamese, became a tour guide to take you visiting Saigon, Introduce about Vietnam-beautiful country with A lot of famous landscap, friendly people and so on
In aditional, If you want to visit Nhatrang City- My hometown, I will try to help you go there if possible. (Because of without my leisure, I should study in University)

Contact with me:
Vo Hoang Khanh
My phone number: 0168 5121 460
YAHOO: hoang_khanh247

thanks so much!

Ps: My terrible memory about this work is I had saw and help a gay person who came from Singapore in Part . that gay had tricks me ? i was scared. ? however, I was lucky and nothing terrible.
I only hope to find a closely Foreigner friendly and can help a lot of person!


I have been working in Tourism Field for more than 10 yrs, from my real travels to most beautiful places in Vietnam, I can help you discover my country from visa to accommodation
Pls feel free to contact me if you need any helps
Thank you


I am student/resident who has been living here for nearly 20 years. If you need any information about interesting places, cheap hostels, what to do here, dont hesitate to contact me :)
Furthermore, I can give you a free tour around Hanoi at the weekends!


Have travelled independently for a week in the north of Vietnam. Amazing experience.


Working as tour guide, tour leader, and at the moment travel consultant. My present here is giving out to international better information about traveling in Vietnam, partly Laos and Cambodia. Hopefully, You guys can have better preparation for a satisfied trip


answer question and guide when any visitors want to travel in VIETNAM


I am now living in Vietnam and travel frequent between the cities so I know all about it.


well - spoken English girl
living experience in England
friendly and helpful and responsible
these are some of my character.
Please send me your question or enquires about Vietnam to prepare for your trip. I will send you useful advises. Or I could be your tourist guide without any payment.
See you in Vietnam!
My contact number: +84 8 909 8667 254
email address"


Hello, my name is Van, and I am living in Ho Chi Minh city, I want to make friend with everybody, if you want to travel to VN (HCM city), I can help you for free, just contact me at I very happy to help you.


MaiChao - HaNoi - Sapa - BacHa - Hue - HoiAn


I am living in Hanoi, Vietnam, Show you all thing in Vietnam, How to go, where to buy, eat and stay, what to do, people to meet. Nice to meet you in my country. Ready to guide you to place which i have ever been.My IM:mihue13


I can give them advice for travel itinerary


about itinerary, hot spots or hot attraction.. everything about Vietnam.


I can help you to design the detail itinerary for your planing, I can try to make you satisfy with my anwers for your questions about travel to Vietnam.


for better or worse,
there's no place like home...


If you want to know everything most update about Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, give me a question.
If you go to any above destination and arrange your time when I am off, I am happy to take you around the town.
Contact me at:


Hi, I'm Mike. I study Vietnam culture and festivities and live in Ha Noi. In Vietnam there are people, who, after one thousand years of Chinese rule, a century of French colonialism, and a few decades of American influence, have remained indomitably Vietnamese in spirit and character. I have a collection of videos and pictures for understanding Vietnam. Thank you !


I'm Vietnamese, now I work in tourism field at the sales online department of Indochina Holiday Travel company. So I can answer your inquiry about Vietnam as well as Laos, Cambodia...Welcome!


I am working for STA at backpacker area. So i would like to give help about transpotation, domestic tours, air tickets and hotels. And whenever you want a friend or a tour guide here to take you around Saigon(HCMC), just call me and i am willing to help


I can arrange visa, hotel reservation, car rent, or a whole packaged tour in Vietnam for you. I can provide you with any information of the country and travelling here within the limit of my expertise.


All suggestions, tips for Indochina (Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia)


Hi there,
Although i am not living in Vietnam now, I can help you to make a better trip plan to this country because it is my country (also in Cambodia and Laos). It will be amazing if you have plan travel to Vietnam in the same time with my holiday. You can live with my familly (free homestay tour- :)) and I can be your tour guide if you want.


Hi !
I live and work in Travel Agency in Hanoi- Vietnam.
Its near 13 years I live here so if you need some informations about your futur trip or else you can contact me.
Best regards,


I am pleased to help you plan a unique holiday with my favorite travel Agency in Vietnam. I enjoyed really a wonderful trip organized by them. They are serious and reliable, helpful to give you freely advices and suggestions. Please feel free to contact Cosmos Travel Vietnam

They will get back to you shortly.

Bon Voyage


With 12 years leading motorcycle tours through Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. I can provide all detail information you will need for your trip in those countries. I love adventures as discovery remote area. I DON'T LIKE TOURISTY AREA.
If you looking for THE ADVENTURES OF A LIFE TIME just contact me to get all information you will need. You can post your question on this forum or email me at When you are in Vietnam you can call +84912464880. I am volunteer to help you at any time


I have lived in Hanoi for 10 years and my (Vietnamese)wife has a high quality/ok price travel company.
I will help in any way - no strings attached


Any thing about travel: Visa, transportation, accomodation, visiting place, culture and habit.


Just returned from there


I am an Australian researcher who has been living in Ha Noi for three years. I have travelled extensively in the country, to many 'out of the way places', as well as the usual tourist hot spots! I am now working for a local tour agency, and so I can assist you with ANY trip you may wish to make. Sometimes if you want to travel to more remote regions there is red tape... i can help you get through all of it!


Have had some great experiences backpacking the length of vietnam... any questions feel free to ask :)


-For any travellers, Vietnam could be a paradise or hell. Let locals show you. We can be your guide in Vietnam. We are a Volunteer guide club in Vietnam, called The Wind Ambassador. We have members from North to South Vietnam. We can be your guide, just for exchange languages and discover culture together.
- show you the best hotel you can stay
- help you taste Vietnam more deeply, such as: invite you Vietnam traditional meals, show you around, take you go to hidden charm place- just only locals know.
Contact me at if you need any help, any information or just a friend, write or give me a call at number 0922250442. I- Loannie try my best to help u here.


I travelled Vietnam in Jan./Feb. 2005


I have been a resident of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam for three years. If you need information about getting a good guesthouse, renting a motorbike or visa, just contact me. :-)


Indepth knowledge of travel and tourism industry with in Vietnam


I lived in, explored, and generally tried to figure out Saigon (HCMC) for 6 months in 2006. I LOVED it. There are so many things I wish I had been told before I came! I can help by telling you some of those things.


Saigon, Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, Sapa, Halong


i am a saleswomen of vietnamtourism -hanoi company , one of the most famous tourist companies in Vietnam. i am pleased to provide a good and useful tourist information of asia for traveler in general as well as Viet Nam country in particular. we have a good experience in tour arrangement. please contact with me if you want: my name chat is ducna8104
best regards !


i'm a student. i made a backpacking tour through VietNam a few months ago, with my bike. i naturally met some obstacle that you can meet when you come a new, if you come to SaiGon, and you want to have a friend who can guide you to visit here and neighbouring area, just call me. of course, it's free :)


answering your questions!
givng you advise!
guiding your around Hanoi!
and organizing warming party every month!

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