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784travel (Caribbean)

I was born and lived in St Vincent & the Grenadines for most of my life. I have also visited most of the Caribbean Islands, so I have extensive knowledge about them. I would be happy to help anyone wishing to visit the most beautiful part of the world.

Kwoa (Poitou-Charentes)

Born and raised in Niort, studied in Poitiers, family house nearby Rochefort, I spend at least a month aound the region every year.

Kwoa (China)

French living, working and travelling around China for the past 15 years, I spent my working time in office and all my free time walking around visiting. I'm most familiar with the Shanghai region, Sichuan region and Guangdong region, places I've lived for at least 3 years each, but I've also travelled around Gansu, Guangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Hubei and Qinghai. I'm very familiar with off road tracks in these parts so don't hesitate if you have any queries I could help with.

3WDive Center (Gili Islands)

3W Dive is a small scuba diving tribe, friendly dive shop run by a French owner from a CMAS background, with years of diving experience and a deep understanding of all dive safety and regulatory procedures. 3W Dive purpose is to share its infectious love for the ocean and scuba diving with others. Once you dive with us you become part of our tribe. We also implement a marine conservation project and do coral farming. Being an SSI school, we offer a unique dive experience tailored to your particular needs with a more personalized approach to courses and guided dives. Whether you’re an advanced diver interested in macro photography or a complete beginner dreaming of diving with turtles, you’ll get the exact dive you want. Gili Air Island and 3W Dive could be your ideal choice to do your Divemaster Internship as well. Join the 3W Dive tribe for an island life experience of a life time.

Beausoleil (Saint-Remy-de-Provence)

We've spent a couple months in or near Saint-Remy-de-Provence and have known the area well for many years. We rent so I don't know hotels, but any other questions are welcome. It is an excellent base for visiting western Provence if you have a car or enjoy bicycling or hiking.