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vkozlova (Japan)

we are planning to travel to Japan for 2 month in July and August and looking for all helpful tips. What regions the best to visit this time of the year? What is the best way to book reasonably priced accommodations? It any free walking tours in the large cities in english? What is the best way to get to stay in the monastery and get to the not very touristy places? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Viktoriya

AngiebabeVT (London)

Ive been living here in London since 2000 and keenly exploring and attending events eversince. For the first few years the TNT magazine for antipodeans in London fed me with info of many events to pencil into my diary so i discovered a lot of interesting places through them. I worked to and from work 45 to 60 minutes each day and to many places around city which is great for noticing signs on buildings for example bomb marks from WW2 or blue placques advising someone notable lived in this place feeding the inner photo and architecture lover and my love for seeing how other people live. To me London is a gorgeous city - fabulous parks that have beautiful colour changes through the seasons, amazing historic sites from way back in ancient days of the romans and its been great to see the Britisjh countries of my forebears who moved to Nz 5 generations ago.

AngiebabeVT (New Zealand)

I grew up in NZ on the North island, and my father frequently took us on travels to see family and friends in numerous places plus car club meets and rallys as well as numerous hikes with hiking clubs, as well as school trips. I took my mother on a 3 week organised bus tour of the south island. Eventually had a sales job taking a crew knocking on doors all over NZ so i really was very into how to get around NZ. Ive been around NZ several times while ive been living in Australia and the Uk so please feel free to contact me for any advice, rental car and accommodation tips or even on buying a car to get around. I found some great places to stay during my recent travels around to refresh memories and catchup with fave people and places. I am particularly involved in the Hokianga area in the north of the North island and all over the Waikato.

rajithp (Kerala)

I have travelled almost every tourist destination in Kerala. With the experience I have earned from my traveling i can offer you any help in all the travel queries about Kerala.Just free to ask about all your queries. Free to Help .

Skandinavisk (Trondheim)

I studied in Trondheim, and have family in Trondheim.