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Diary of Pamrides

Pamrides Diary Home Again

Home Again

sunny | 16.06.07

Disembarking- we had to be out of the stateroom by 8 am. Don called so we met them up on the Horizon Court and spent our time waiting for our “color” to be called to disembark. We only had to wait about an hour. It was sad saying goodbye to Don and Sue!

We got to the airport, and then for the next 4 hours literally standed in lines!! The first line was to retrieve our luggage. This took forever. The second line was to check in with US Airways. This took forever. Then we had to go thru Customs. The line here was extremely long but moved quicker than the others. Then the line for security. We got dropped off at the airport at 9:30 and made it to the gate at 1:15 pm! The plane left at 2:15, so we stood in another line to order sandwiches! It was amazing. The flight back was uneventful except for seeing Mt St Helens as we flew by.

In writing the journal the trip seems very short. But we packed in a lot of activity, and at the time it seemed like one day equaled three. I would highly recommend an Alaska vacation and I look forward to going back soon! Warning: don't go later in the summer, the weather gets worse! May and June are the best, weather wise, according to the local residents we spoke witih.