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I am proficient in Bengali , Hindi and English and I can understand and speak basic conversational Tamil and Kannada. I have travelled extensively within India. More than the touristy places its the offbeat places that call out to me. I am a woman and I have travelled alone ( still alive and kicking ). I would love to contribute in the Project : Language phrasebooks and also answer questions about the travel destinations in India.

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By giving my hand to help you to step into an alien land steeped in traditions , culture and heritage. I have been to almost throughout India and her famous must-see tourist places. However I love more to go to offbeat destinations and solitary places that common travel guide book dont talk about. So from the big cities to its less known retreats , from star rated accomodations to homestays located in the middle of nowhere, from the gourmet food to the popular street food.. if you need my help , please feel free to contact me. I can share my experiences that I have gained. I can show you what I see and make you feel a different India , one that is far from the text books. And yeah, if you are in town I am sure I would like to meet you over a cup of coffee or cook some quick Indian or Bengali dishes for you to give you a culinary taste of India

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