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" Tolerance"

Avenue Zerktouni, Essaouira, Morocco, as the call to Friday prayers from the mosque is answered by the faithful, the presence of inappropriately-dressed female western tourists might appear to offend conservative Muslims, but the long-established ex-French colonial visitors provide an essential financial contribution to the local economy, and their revealing attire is accepted with Islamic tolerance.

Brown Sugar 002

In Glasgow's busy Sauchiehall Street pedestrian precinct an itinerant band perform their impromptu rendition of the Rolling Stones "Brown Sugar" in the hope of making a few pounds from passers-by. As the class act gets into full swing appreciative citizens donate generously and the collection box quickly fills up.

A fox chicken leg snatch!

My nightly fox cub visitor cannot resist a juicy chicken leg and snatches it from my outstretched grasp during the evening feeding session, then disappears into the garden to enjoy his "gourmet dinner!"