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Live music in Bairro Alto

Lisbon, Portugal

Fado singing in Caldo Verde Restaurant

Lisbon, Portugal


Mavericks beat the Cavaliers!!!

Mavs vs. Cavs at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX 12/20/09 102-95

Allyson's Ride on the Bull :)

NC State Campus Crusade Party 10/2/09

jake lost his bojangles virginity

first week freshman year ncsu

would you be my girl? :)

ncsu homecoming vs boston college oct 4, 08


homecoming game vs. boston college oct. 4, 08

step up two worm pt 2

haha vise versa :) we're so retarded

step up 2 the worrrm :) haa

me and kasey trying to do the worm from step up 2

womanless beauty pageant 2

swansboro high school class of 08

womanless beauty pageant 1

swansboro high school class of 08