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Our tulou

Ahem...not 'our tudou' as I said in the video... :/

'River of Wisdom' at the China Pavilion

3D animated painting of 'Riverside scene at Qing Ming Festival'.

Tuk tuk through Pingyao

A moment of madness!

This was at the water fountain show in Xi'an.

Water fountain show 1

There are drawbacks to having a front-row view...

Cycling the city walls of Xi'an

AWESOME fun! Much better than walking or taking a golf buggy around!

Bell Tower musical performance

One of several tunes they performed. They later did a bit of Lady Gaga.

Steep steps!

and no I am NOT wearing a wife-beater.

Motorcycle madness

5 motorcycles in one tiny steel cage?!?

Sex Bomb in the park...

I'm lovin the lassoing move!