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Videos by Kan_Kan_Can

Kan_Kan_Can Videos by Kan_Kan_Can

Iguazu Falls


River 1-2 Belgrano (August 2012)


raining on tha kaek loop


water buffaloes in don det, laos

water buffs having a bath

market in chao doc

its raining cats and dogs, and i'm not talking about what they're selling for the locals to take home and eat. the local hairdresser takes pity on us and lets us shelter in her salon for an hour.

A roundabout in Varanasi

just watch the total absurdity of the goings-on at this roundabout in central Varanasi

falling of the masts


John Satchell Day Release

John wants to know why, do they build castles in the sky?

Wrighty v Faz

Ikedo vs Campo

Oasis Jamie Faz

Oasis summer 05

11.1 seconds baby!

Me and the chubbster had a 'friendly' race to see who could finish their natty ice first. It turned out we both finished it at exactly the same time - 11.1 seconds.