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My Movie

My Movie

Lekali Coffee Estate. Nepal

Lekali Estate only uses organic fertilizers and the farm is planted with Arabica. Fertilizer used is the most common natural mixture of cow manure, molasses and tree leaves. No chemicals involve whatsoever at Lekali Estate. Coffee Magazine: Coffee Estate Magazine in Ukraine:

Kingdom of Bhutan

The beautiful and peaceful Kingdom of Bhutan

Bungy jumping. South Africa

Bungee jumping from the tallest bridge in the world. South Africa

Cuba. Havana and Pinar del Rio coffee farm. January 2016

My first visit to Cuba. Cultural education and visit to coffee farm and understand the prospects of coffee production in Cuba that was forgotten for some years. I went to Cuba alone and met incredible people there. I truly love this country.

Coffee tour to Rwanda 2015

The most incredible land with beautiful people, lovely nature, and great coffee they produce. Rwanda you've been through a lot and your unity brought people together.

Hacienda La Papaya Ecuador

Great coffee does not just happen. It is a hard work of a lot of people involved in the chain of specialty coffee to make great cup possible

Quito, Ecuador

The most incredible city and absolutely astonishing country in South America. Ecuador.

Ibrik at 8pm at Hacienda Pomarrosa

First preparation of Ibrik aka turkish coffee at Hacienda Pomarrosa in Puerto Rico

Removing floaters

Ethiopia washed process, removing floaters after harvest before de-pulping

Stateless in America

The United States is home to estimated 4,000 stateless persons who live in limbo and have their human rights violated, and a lot of restrictions imposed on them since they are citizens of nowhere. There are two very important documents that protect stateless persons, UN 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons and UN 1961 Convention Related to the Reduction of Statelessness, and U.S. is not a signatory member of any of those. Statelessness is crime against humanity and we have to do everything in our power to protect and prevent statelessness from happening. Most people take passports for granted but stateless persons who consider "unwanted", "unrecognized" in our society. We tend to believe that statelessness does not exist in our country because all media shifted their attention to undocumented immigrants without covering statelessness issue. Domestically, we also promote statelessness by allowing US citizens to renounce their citizenship on voluntary basis even though they do not have any other citizenship or permanent residency from other nation. This should not be happening. This is not protection against statelessness but promotion of statelessness on voluntary basis. This video was shot by UNHCR highlighting the issue of statelessness in the United States. I want to share my story with you as exactly how it had happened to me. On December 29, 2011 it will be one year since I got stuck in US territory of American Samoa and no actions were taken so far. Just imagine yourself in the situation when you travel on vacation somewhere and were not allowed to return back to your home forever. Imagine not having citizenship and not being protected by any government; no consulate or embassy to run to and seek help or assistance because you are "nobody". God bless.

Immigration Disaster. Statelessness in America

This is the news coverage from Radio New Zealand International dated June 25, 2012: ( P.S. I also published more about my statelessness issue on CNN Ireport:



ALCATRAZ-San Francisco

My trip to Alcatraz in 2010. Just watching this photos brings movie "Escape from Alcatraz" alive.


San Diego Zoo, California. 2010


Traditional Samoan oven food preparation (umu) in American Samoa at Tisa's Barefoot Bar.

Aleutian Islands. Pure Paradise.

Beautiful, amazing, untouched and brilliant place on earth and the gift of mother nature-Aleutian Islands.

Winter in Alaska 2010

Trip to Alaska from February 26 to March 07, 2010.

Dutch Harbor. Aleutian Islands

That was my first trip to Aleutian Islands from August 12 to August 15, 2010 and I was impressed by the nature and beautiful, amazing landscape of this increadible island. Population is about 5,000 people. I've meat a lot of people from Vietnam and Phillipines living and working there besides locals and others who moved to Dutch Harbor for big bucks. The place just breathtaking, island surrounded by lovely mountains and gorgeous Bering Sea. Not a lot of people come here for holidays or vacation but for me it was an escape from noisy, crazy and poluted Los Angeles. I had a peaceful and quite time by touring this island alone. In the past Aleutian Islands as well as the rest of Alaska were part of Emperial Russia and Russian Orthodox Church just resembles the history of once to be the Russian America.


World Wars with the help of history. What we were, what we became and what is our future? What we control, what we aim, what is our desire, what we fight for, what we live for, what we dream of? All we need is peace and love among all nations as we are citizens of the world. We are world citizens and we should unite in creating the World Government.


On a quiet night on the streets of the Big City, two members of a radical environmentalist group (Green Earth Terra Movement) come across a sickly girl who appears to be running away from the local hospital. Always wary of large institutions, they take her to their local hideout instead of back to the hospital for treatment. There, the girl is found to be suffering from several strains of deadly, drug-resistant diseases, quite possibly terminally infecting everyone present at the hideout. Matt, the iconic idealistic environmentalist, is at odds with Kyson, their cold de facto leader, over what to do with the disease-ridden girl. As they plan and execute their next moves, fate turns a hard hand on these young idealists.

Lord Show Me Mercy

Music Video. I am one of the mob in this video. Was shot in Houston, TX


March 07, 2010 Pacific Ocean


March 07, 2010. St. Michael Russian Orthodox Church

Juneau, Alaska

March 04, 2010. I am in Alaska's state capital Juneau. Time is 10:30AM

Barrow. Arctic Circle. Part 3

March 03, 2010. Still freezing my ass off in the middle of Arctic.

Barrow. Arctic Circle 2.

March 03, 2010. Arctic Ocean is frozen, the cold is a killer. I feel like an explorer in the God forbidden place on earth.

Barrow. Arctic Circle.

I am in the middle of Arctic Circle. Barrow. March 02, 2010. Local time 5:00pm. Temperature -28F. Freezing.

Vegas Extreme Skydiving. Part 2

This is the second part of my first skydiving in Las Vegas. The difference in this video is it was captured by my instructor who had camera attached to his hand.

Vegas Extreme Skydiving. Part 1

This was my first skydiving experience ever in Las Vegas on November 27, 2009 with experienced people from Vegas Extreme Skydiving. It was amazing, increadible and beautiful. This video in Part 1 taken by videographer who jumped with us with camera attached to his helmet.