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Sunworld gondola, Ha Long City, Vietnam

Come along for a ride on the SunWorld Ha Long City complex and the spectacular ride.

  • Date: June 19, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Sunworld Ha Long City puppet theatre, Vietnam

Water puppet theatre located within the Sunworld Halong complex at Mystic Mountain, Ha Long City, Vietnam.

  • Date: June 18, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Ha Long City fishing village

Ha Long Bay is not only a tourist destination, but also a working fishing area

  • Date: June 17, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Tam Coc boat ride

Take part of a journey through spectacular Karst formations with rowers rowing with their feet - yes feet.

  • Date: June 13, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Ladies of Tam Coc

Night time and the ladies of the town enjoy themselves

  • Date: June 12, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Chinese Chess in Tam Coc, Vietnam

Close to the boat ramp in Tam Coc is where the locals play Chinese Chess and visitors are welcome to watch.

  • Date: June 12, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

The Road

  • Date: June 9, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Bac Ha Market

Famous Bac Ha Market in northern Vietnam and close to the Chinese border. Animals being mistreated by western standards.

  • Date: June 8, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Gondola - Sapa to Mt Fansipan

Gondola from the town of Sapa, Vietnam, to near the summit of Mt Fansipan - highest peak in SE Asia

  • Date: June 6, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Mt Fansipan lower funicular opened March 2018

Five minute journey from the centre of Sapa Town to the lower gondola station

  • Date: June 4, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Mt Fansipan Fenicular Upper

  • Date: June 3, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Sapa night free concert

  • Date: June 2, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Bac Ha Market animals for sale and more

WARNING - SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND THIS VIDEO CONFRONTING PARENTAL SUPERVISION STRONGLY SUGGESTED Bac Ha Sunday Market in northern Vietnam and looking at the various animals for sale - and more

  • Date: June 1, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw

Early morning in Ha Noi

6.30am and the Lake of the Restored Sword is a popular place for the locals - and curious visitors.

  • Date: May 30, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw


  • Date: May 26, 2018
  • Video by SirGaw


McLitter - the scourge of our streets.

  • Date: June 20, 2017
  • Video by SirGaw