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MVI 5359

MVI 5416


Clase Uruguaya Normal

Clase Bien Organizada

Una Chiste

Alumno me contó una chiste en clase hoy. Respuesta - Ratón Pérez

Boogie down Italian momma

Mini-van to Bukit Lawang

A bumpy experience

South Carolina

Sophie describes where we're going and what we're going to do


Game Time - Notre Dame VS. Tulsa

Ziplining in Action

Pura vida baby

The Panama Canal

Cool Icee on a Hot Panama Day

Quick view of Volcán Arenal

The Peloton of the Tour de France

1 hour wait for all of the riders pass us in about a minute.

Now You Think Your Room is Small . . .

This is my dorm room here in Besancon, France

Our Condo in Kihei

Really??? Tigers in the Citadelle

Exploring the Citadelle, I came across a zoo.

Odessa, Texas being represented at the Guinness Br

I don't see any New Mexican videos there.

Modeling on a black beach

Isn't that what models are supposed to do? I guess that is why I am not a model

Sand surfing on Big Beach

If you notice, these are the same shorts that I wore on our around the world trip, but quite faded.

The Pillow Game

Playing around the apartment

Mona Lisa

Everyone likes to look at the Mona Lisa, but directly opposite it an even more impressive painting.

The "Milkshake"

In order to calm or cause Sophie to burp, I do the "milkshake" with her.

Final State of the Belly Report

Omaha, Nebraska

State of the Belly Report #5

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

April Snow in Texas?

Easter Eve snow

State of the Belly Report #4

Directly from Rome, Italy

Waiting for a photo

The difference between a photo and video setting

Stand up straight please Giraffe

Schotia Lion Reserve, Addo, South Africa

State of the Belly Report #3

Hogsback, South Africa

Moon Walking Elephant

Addo Elephant Park, Addo, South Africa

Secret Handshake

Now you know!

State of the Belly Report #2

Nadine in Kunming, China with a rounder, softer belly

Glory of Halong Bay

Passing several islands within the complexity of Halong Bay

Making Rounds Outside Dalat

Acting like a dork on top of a pagoda just outside of Dalat, Vietnam

State of the Belly Report #1

Here is a video of Nadine and her ever expanding belly.

Our Movie from The Beach

Nadine est en train d'enseigner l'anglais

Teach away girl, teach away!

Crossing the Ho Chi Mihn City Road, Part 2

Life is an adventure, cross it.

Crossing the Ho Chi Mihn City Road, Part 1

Unlike anywhere in the world, crossing the road is a true adventure