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Videos by automidori

automidori Videos by automidori

IKEA Cupboard Durability Test

A clip taken during my visit to IKEA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

IKEA Showroom

Part of IKEA's showroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

IKEA Chair Durability Test

I took this clip when I visited IKEA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On Boat from Temburong

A footage taken from my boat ride from Temburong in Brunei.

From Labuan to Brunei by Ferry

View from my ferry on the way from Labuan Island (Malaysia) to Brunei.

Wuhan City

The city of Wuhan in December 2011. I have written a story about my strolling around in the city of Wuhan on this day in my blog: There are some photos about Wuhan too there.

Labuan the City

Just to have a glimpse of the city, I rode on a public bus to wherever. This is Labuan, an Island of Malaysia, standing on South China Sea face to face with Brunei. From Labuan you can take a ferry to Brunei in Southwest or Kota Kinabalu in Northeast.

Seria Crude Oil Terminal

This was taken from my bus on the way back from Seria to Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei. This oil field is known to be one of the greatest reason of Brunei's wealth. Frankly speaking, I was surprised. The whole thing, to my Indonesian eyes, didn't look as huge as I had imagined. I suppose, Brunei must be rich in another way. I have written about my short trip to Seria here:

ONTW From Brunei to Labuhan

On the way from Brunei to Labuhan by Seri Anna.

Bandar Seri Begawan, The City

Taken on a bus ride in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of Brunei Darussalam. Although according to Wikipedia, has the second highest Human Development Index among the South East Asia nations after Singapore, and according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Brunei is ranked 5th in the world by gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parity... and, Forbes also ranks Brunei as the fifth richest nation out of 182 nations, Brunei as seen in this video clip is very quiet -- every day. The word hectic is unrecognized. You are welcome to meet the "Faces of Bandar Seri Begawan" here: The whole blog, contains stories about my trip in Brunei Darussalam.

Sand Art

This took place at Pasar Seni, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was told that this is an art of the Middle East. I'm deeply impressed. Sand Art, is what this art is called. I was told that this is a common art known in the Middle East e.g. Libanon, Syria, etc. I'm deeply fascinated and amazed. The man fills in several colors of sand into the bottle through a funnel which pipe runs through the bottle. Using the funnel's type, the adjust layers of sand by the color creating a scenery on the outside surface. Lastly, he tugs the sand in the bottle mouth, and then pours liquid glue into it. Even though you turn the bottle upside down, the sand won't pour down. In fact, not even a grain of sand would fall out. This bottle was for a customer who wanted one with her name printed on the bottle side. I didn't see it when he drew the Chinese characters of the customers name. I assume he firstly drew the characters using glue on the inside of the bottle. And then, he applied red pinkish sand over the sticky characters. The artist had to redo a bit part of it, because his customer said it was written incorrectly.

The Naughty Lovable

Of the three baby pandas (only a few months old) I saw at the playground next to the panda nursery in Panda Base, Chengdu (China), this panda right on the keeper's side was the naughtiest. Its attitude towards its keeper was what in Indonesian we would say "kolokan". I don't know the translation in English. Google says it's "adorable", but that's not what "kolokan" does actually mean. Anyway, whatever the word, I hope you'll enjoy this clip and this clip will tell the story for itself, in your language.

The Panda Who Wanted to Climb a Tree

This was taken at Panda Base, Chengdu , China, taking place next to the panda nursery. This panda is only a few months old. It was very interesting to see baby pandas practicing their skills. Particularly this panda who wanted to climb a tree, but couldn't make it up very much. Then it went to a "thinner tree" apparently thinking that the thinner the stem is, the easier. It's actually the opposite. Especially with that pillow-like chest and tummy, it would be magic to climb a tree which is not more than a piece of stick. Needless to say, Little Panda failed. Little Panda walked to a pile of logs, lifted one foot up, but hesitated. Little Panda turned back and walk slowly, one step after another, very contrary to when it ran to the big tree in the beginning. Comparing how Little Panda walked in the beginning and at the end made the impression that Little Panda was rather desperate, disappointed with itself. Poor Little Panda. If only I knew Panda Language, I would like to tell Little Panda, "Come on, don't give up! You can! 加油小熊猫!!" Watch my footage through. You'll feel the same thing.

Panda Rival

Everyone has a rival. So does pandas, even when they are still babies. Captured at Panda Base, Chengdu, China Pardon me for the shake. I forgot I was taping. So I giggled and my hands simply joint in.

Panda's Toy

As shown in my previous video clip , baby pandas are also bottle fed. But this baby was very naughty. It refused to lie on the panda keeper's lap. It made a hard push every time its keeper tried to put the bottle into its mouth. Eventually the panda keeper gave up. Once the keeper was gone, this panda seized the bottle and played with the cap. It seemed to have an exciting moment. Watch how Little Panda tried to take the cap out of its mouth. Hahaha... so funny.

Baby Panda Bottle Feeding

Panda keepers bottle-feeding baby pandas (only a few months old) at Panda Base, Chengdu, China on December 28th 2012.

Panda Wrestling

In front of the nursery in Panda Base, Chengdu, China, on December 28th 2012

A Winter Treat

Panda is enjoying its treat of a piece of panda cake still warm from the oven, given by a panda keeper volunteer at Panda Base, Chengdu, China. What a nice thing to enjoy under the cold winter weather.

Lazy Panda

Sometimes pandas are just too lazy to get up. Either out of pity or out of patience, the panda keeper volunteer eventually lowers down the bamboo stick and thus panda doesn't need to get up. Location: Panda Base, Chengdu, China.

Panda Exercise

In order to make panda exercise its body, a panda keeper entices panda by first bringing a piece of apple or cake near to panda's nose and let it sniff but not eat. Then the keeper will gradually drag the piece of apple or cake up the tree and thus make panda climb the tree. Location: Panda Base, Chengdu, China.

It's Finger Licking Good!

After enjoying a piece of apple or cake, panda licks its palm and fingers as if to make sure nothing is left. Location: Panda Base Chengdu, China.

Feeding Panda Cakes outside Panda's Pen

Feeding Panda Cakes to pandas outside their pan in Panda Base, Chengdu (China) during my International Internship Panda Keeper Program on December 28th 2011.

Feeding Panda Cake inside Panda's Pen

As a member of the internship program from Chengdu Panda Base, we had the privilege not just to witness the making of Panda Cake, but also to feed the pandas with their favorite Panda Cake.

The Making of Panda Cake

The process of making Panda Cake (cakes for pandas) as witnessed at Chengdu Panda Base, China, in December 28th 2011

Ice Glass

On the way by bus from Jiuzhaigou to Chengdu, on December 27th 2011. It was extremely cold that a layer of hard ice covered the INSIDE of the bus' window.