Videos by classique

classique Videos by classique

Making Mosiac Picture Montepulchano

Police Drag Racing Car

Chuck Wagon Racing

Black Bear Playing

Dads School

Tante Rietje's

A quick video inside Opas last house

I have pictures of dad playing the organ in this house

My very first time driving a tractor

Paddle Boating in Utrecht

This is a short clip of a fast trip Auca & I did on the Utrecht canals

The warm up in the Domkerk

This is a quick video of the warm up in the domkerk where we watched the free 1 hour concert

Mainstreet of Masrssen

The video is a little bumpy as I am riding. Mums parents house / shop is the one on the right with a flag. It is now a small sports shop

Mainstreet of Masrssen

Amersfoort Military Open Day

Dropping soldiers in terrorist ocuplied area