Videos by robandpol

robandpol Videos by robandpol

police escort.. by the nile

pyramids all to ourselves... almost

police escort - sohag

Maggots on the bed!!!

Nubian desert - windy!

ethiopian head banging


in shelter just in time - ethiopia

Dirty Harry 3

The Ostrich progresses

Dirty Harry 2

Ostrich dancing for Beth

Dirty Harry 1

Ostrich Dance

Baby Giraffe

Giraffe running across on a morning walk


First Flamingos at "Place of Peace"

The Aftermath!!

Another wipeout

The tremendous Victoria Nile

Wipe out

The waterfall

White water rafting on the Victoria Nile

There's buckets of flowers!!

Roses in buckets marching to the pack house.

Biological Control

Red spider mites

Chimp fight

chimp chewing on figs

bored of peddling

Lethal scooter

On market day these things zoom past frequently carrying 100kgs of spuds. Therre is simply no way to stop them if you encounter them on a downhill section!

Christmas party!

heat and sand


Headwind and Hills

battle against zambian headwind and hills

circular rainbow

vic falls

Cycle touring is GOOD!!!!

A Swazi lady helped us on our way en route to her Swazi bun-making competition in Manzini.

Horney elephants extremely close

These guys were in Tembe park half an hour from our house.. Big fences all around to keep them away from people that aren't in big cars.. a little worried about coming accross similar in Botswana/Tanzania on our little bikes!

Baby Goat getting some exercise