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Sanur Beach-Bali 2023 Sanur Beach has a lengthy shoreline (about 7 kilometers) with a paved footpath that runs the length of it, making it ideal for an early morning walk, jog, or bike ride. Which is exactly what I did when i took these photos during my walk. It’s a beautiful course flanked by fishing boats, hotel gardens, and beach eateries, with views of Mount Agung volcano in the background on occasion. Although it was shrouded in heavy mist during my visit, so I really didn't get to see it at all. But as you will see from my photos the weather at the beach was stunning with a beautiful cool breeze, and lots of lovely small cafes and restaurants to stop and refresh at along the way. Music free under creative commons licence from You Tube music library Title: Lazy Laura by Quincas Moreira

Uploaded on February 11, 2024 by TheJohnsons

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