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Sand Art

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This took place at Pasar Seni, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was told that this is an art of the Middle East. I'm deeply impressed. Sand Art, is what this art is called. I was told that this is a common art known in the Middle East e.g. Libanon, Syria, etc. I'm deeply fascinated and amazed. The man fills in several colors of sand into the bottle through a funnel which pipe runs through the bottle. Using the funnel's type, the adjust layers of sand by the color creating a scenery on the outside surface. Lastly, he tugs the sand in the bottle mouth, and then pours liquid glue into it. Even though you turn the bottle upside down, the sand won't pour down. In fact, not even a grain of sand would fall out. This bottle was for a customer who wanted one with her name printed on the bottle side. I didn't see it when he drew the Chinese characters of the customers name. I assume he firstly drew the characters using glue on the inside of the bottle. And then, he applied red pinkish sand over the sticky characters. The artist had to redo a bit part of it, because his customer said it was written incorrectly.

Uploaded on April 23, 2012 by automidori

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