Ang Thong Waterfall

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This is a little Waterfall by the side of a main road. Very easy to access. We visited it on our December 2023 Road trip around the southern end of Thailand. The waterfall rock is dark greenish yellow color. The water in this waterfall looks like a pale gold color. This 10-meter-High waterfall are flowing all year around and the most significant to this fall is the color, the color of this waterfall is gold. There are many picnic tables and Trees around the basin of the waterfall where people can relax and enjoy its surroundings. There is also a path for people to walk up to the top of the waterfall, but we did not as we were on our way to Pak Meng, which was still quite a drive onwards. Music free under creative commons licence from you tube music library Frozen Lake by Ryan McCaffery

Uploaded on January 17, 2024 by TheJohnsons

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