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The busiest part of Samila Beach is the eastern end nearest Songkhla Town centre. In front of the famous mermaid statue is a long promenade ending in front of roundabout bearing the name ‘Samila Beach’. Lining the promenade are restaurants, shops and market stalls. At the beach end of the promenade is a large concrete pavilion. Samila Beach is not a swimming or sunbathing beach. There are a lot of large ships in the bay. The beach is somewhere people walk along or sit around. People also come to exercise, ride bicycles, and even horses, up and down the beach side path. They also come at sunset to enjoy an ice cream, a sausage on a stick, draw pictures of the bay, or a drink. Looking westwards along Samila Beach from the mermaid statue the bay curves gently northwards for just under 3 km. For the entire length of the bay there is wide border of pine trees all the way to far tip of the peninsular marking the end of the beach and opening of large river mouth linking the sea to the vast Songkhla Lake. The famous statue on Samila Beach is the cat and mouse statue at the eastern end of the beach. This large statue was installed in 2000 to commemorate the local legend of the cat, the mouse, the dog and the magic crystal. According to the legend a Chinese merchant ship carrying a magic crystal was passing by Simila Beach when the ships’ dog, cat and mouse, working together as a team, stole the magic crystal and made a bid for freedom by attempting to swim to the shore. Neither dog, cat, mouse or magic crystal ever made it to the beach. The dog turned into Tang Kuan hill, the cat and mouse turned into the two islands in the bay, named Cat Island (Koh Maeow) and Mouse Island (Koh Nu).

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