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The Panda Who Wanted to Climb a Tree

automidori Videos by automidori The Panda Who Wanted to Climb a Tree

This was taken at Panda Base, Chengdu , China, taking place next to the panda nursery. This panda is only a few months old. It was very interesting to see baby pandas practicing their skills. Particularly this panda who wanted to climb a tree, but couldn't make it up very much. Then it went to a "thinner tree" apparently thinking that the thinner the stem is, the easier. It's actually the opposite. Especially with that pillow-like chest and tummy, it would be magic to climb a tree which is not more than a piece of stick. Needless to say, Little Panda failed. Little Panda walked to a pile of logs, lifted one foot up, but hesitated. Little Panda turned back and walk slowly, one step after another, very contrary to when it ran to the big tree in the beginning. Comparing how Little Panda walked in the beginning and at the end made the impression that Little Panda was rather desperate, disappointed with itself. Poor Little Panda. If only I knew Panda Language, I would like to tell Little Panda, "Come on, don't give up! You can! 加油小熊猫!!" Watch my footage through. You'll feel the same thing.

Uploaded on February 20, 2012 by automidori

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