Yeh Pulu Temple- Nr. Ubud - Bali 2023

TheJohnsons Videos by TheJohnsons Yeh Pulu Temple- Nr. Ubud - Bali 2023

One of the less visited places, it does not make it less at all. The walk there through the Indonesian countryside made it not just beautiful, but insightful into rural Indonesia. We were the only people there and loved it. Especially catching the boys flying their kites in the fields. Yeh Pulu Temple located at the Bedulu Village nearby Ubud. Inside the temple, you will find a wall that stretched along 25 meters with beautiful reliefs telling about the ancient Balinese’ life. There is also a cave in the area, believed as the meditation place of King Bedahulu at 1343. Therefore, it’s not strictly a temple, more like an archeological site, which does not make it a less interesting site to visit. The Balinese still come to worship the Ganesha Statue, that’s why probably people call it a temple these days or in Indonesian: Pura Yeh Pulu. The name of this temple was derived from two words Yeh means water and Pulu means as a container used as a place to keep the rice for locals. That is why we can find an actual container in a shaped like a barrel at the spring of holy water. During full moon or the anniversary of the temple, many worshippers from near villages come for praying. The Goa Gajah Temple is also nearby, therefore it’s very convenient to visit also Goa Gaja. Both are impressive and give you a deeper insight into the culture and traditions of Bali.

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