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Posting Blogentries Per Email


When "posting blogentries per email" is enabled, all contributors to a blog can send email messages to special email addresses, and have them automatically show up on the blog. This functionality should be especially useful for those who can send email or MMS from their mobile phones.
Image files which have been attached to the email message will automatically be included in blogentries posted in this way.

Keep Your Email Address Private

Each contributor to the blog gets a unique email address for this blog. All emails sent to this specific email address will show up on the blog. Therefore it's important that you keep this email address a secret. Do not email blogentries both to this address and to other people.
If the email address ever becomes known by other people who would start posting blogentries, the maintainer of the blog can reset the email addresses for all contributors to the blog by disabling and re-enabling the setting "posting per email".

Image Files

Attached image files will automatically be appended to the end of the blog entry. At present only .jpg images are recognized, but it is expected that other image formats will be supported in the future.
Attached images will not initially show in your public photo gallery, but you can later edit the information about these images in your control panel to make them show up. To easily locate all images you've submitted by email, they are tagged as "from_email".
Images submitted through email count toward your monthly upload limit.
At present a bug exists in the way attached image files are detected. Most email clients should not trigger this bug, but if you use Netscape 6 or 7, Thunderbird, Mozilla or SeaMonkey to send email, you might trigger the bug. If image files you send do not show up on the blog and you use one of these email clients, make certain to only send images having a filename of less than 54 characters long.

HTML Email

HTML email is not supported. Most email clients automatically send a plain text component when the email is composed in HTML. This plain text component is what is used to create the blog entry. If you compose email in HTML (rich text) format and the text of blog entries does not show up, make certain that the preference for sending plain text is enabled in your email client.
For basic text formatting, Simple Code can be included in the email, equivalent to how regular blog entries and forum entries are written.