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About Travellerspoint Travel Mapping Feature (15th Dec 06)

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15th Dec 06
Travel Mapping Feature

Screenshot of travel adds a sophisticated travel mapping tool to its list of features, allowing users to create a personalised map and itinerary of their travels. Integrating travel photography and blog entries by geotagging, the travel maps provide a stunning visual recording of where users have been, what they saw and what they experienced.

Press Release

Travellerspoint ends the year with the launch of its travel maps, a feature which is sure to please the 78 000+ Travellerspoint members. The tool allows users to plot their past, present and future journeys on a personalised map, which they can further enhance by plotting their photos and blog entries on the maps.

The international travel maps are bound to be adopted readily by the Travellerspoint community, who have already uploaded over 65 000 travel photos and maintain more than 3 500 active blogs. Members can now geotag these, matching photos and blog entries with the corresponding location on the map so that visitors have a birdseye view of where the traveller has been, as well as what they saw and wrote there. For convenience, maps can also be inserted into Travellerspoint members' blogs.

The travel maps are an attractive alternative to the traditional plain text itinerary. During the trip, the travel map visually traces the traveller's progress, making it an excellent way to keep family and friends abreast of where their loved one is, as well as showing where they will be travelling next.

For avid travellers, the travel maps also become a bragging right, showing off how well-travelled one is. Once a few trips have been plotted on the map, the flurry of colourful lines begins to look particularly impressive. But even for those with less lines across their map, the travel map is a lasting memento to a past adventure.

Note to Editors

Travellerspoint went live in August of 2002, giving travellers worldwide an international meeting point. More than 78,000 members from over 230 countries actively participate in the community, using the numerous free services offered to plan their trips, keep loved ones updated while on the road and stay in touch with friends they met on their journeys once they return. (

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