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Barbados Wild Pigeon

Barbados Wild Pigeon, Barbados

<b>07-24-2006 BDOS072506_0090 Barbados Wild Pigeon Brown's Beach, Barbados </b> I am going to tell without any hesitation that this pristine scene of two Barbados Wild Pigeons would have been fair game in my childhood. For sure, one of these lovely birds would have been in the sites of my gutterperk (slingshot). The head would have been the main target, since these birds are tough. Usually you would see then high up the palm or casuarinas trees. But since they have no predators, they are like the doves, plentiful. <b><i>Please read the rest of the description (story) at the BLOG site: <a href=""></a> </b></i>

Photo by BIF