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Buenos Aires - The

Buenos Aires - The "Abasto" I, Argentina

The history of this monumental building begins at the end of the 19th century, when the architect Vasena starts the construction of the first fruit and vegetables market. It began to work on April 1st, 1893. Some years later, in 1934, it was remodeled and reopened by the engineer Delpini. It had a brand new facade and was considered to be one of the most outstanding landmarks in the city and the biggest supplier market in South America. After almost 50 years of non-stop work, the market stopped its activities on October 14, 1984, reopening only in 1999, after its remodeling and the construction of a shopping mall, under the name “The Abasto Shopping”. It is currently (2006) the biggest mall in town and one of the most visited, known as the main symbol of the Abasto neighbourhood.

Photo by mig13