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UNDERWATER_Night dive: Red Sea habbitants Postcard

Travel Photography Travel Postcards Egypt Postcards UNDERWATER_Night dive: Red Sea habbitants

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UNDERWATER_Night dive: Red Sea habbitants

UNDERWATER_Night dive: Red Sea habbitants, Egypt

Here composed few of night dive photos. Normally night animals are differ then those whic u see at day dives. Top left - it was really big star, about 1m. Bottom left - yellow anemones, looking like flowers, but they are animals. When they feel you near they escape inside their "tube"-leg. At top right side - amazing creature - Spansh dancer. Its large nudibrunch (mollusk), usually red. The animal was given the common name "Spanish dancer" because the whirling swimming movement, and the red color of the mantle, are reminiscent of the skirt movements of a flamenco dancer. Bottom right - young and tiny lionfish.

Photo by vanessa