ROMANIA - Pelesh Castle in Sinaia. Postcard

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ROMANIA - Pelesh Castle in Sinaia.

ROMANIA - Pelesh Castle in Sinaia., Romania

Sculptures in the garden. The building of the castle began in 1873 under the direct order of the Viennese architect Wilhem Doderer and was continued in 1876 by his assistant, Johann Schultz de Lemberg. During 1877-1879 because of the war they abandoned work. That's why the castle was inaugurated only on October 7, 1883. Later construction was continued by Chech architect Karel Liman. It's neogothic but , actually it's crazy mix of all styles and techniques. Pelesh was built but international teams of Italians, German, Hungarian, English, French, Polish, Chech and even Gypsies; builders were talking and singing 14 (!) different languages...

Photo by vanessa