ITALY_Chioggia - food in Veneto Postcard

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ITALY_Chioggia - food in Veneto

ITALY_Chioggia - food in Veneto, Italy

Veneto's cuisine has less pizazz than those of some other regions of Italy. Coastal areas serve mainly seafood dishes, in the plains it is very popular to serve grilled meat. The most common dishes are: risi-e-bisi = rise & fresh peas (the local version of risotto); polenta (ground maize) which could be fried/ boiled/ grilled/ baked/ etc.; radicchio (purple leaves near oysters on photo) has a bitter and spicy taste, which mellows when it is grilled or roasted and divine tiramisu. Italian food comes wth wine and Veneto products many kinds of. We loved sparkling "Prosecco" (Italian white dry) with strong flavor of grapes. On the photo (right top) another typical one - cannoli. Molto gusto!

Photo by vanessa