Muharram Procession - Allaamat Postcard

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Muharram Procession - Allaamat

Muharram Procession - Allaamat, Iran

Allaamat is a very heavy decorative structure which has a variable length due to the number of those long appendages. Always the middle one is longer than the rest. The number of those long appendages are always odd. It start from 7 and goes up to 21 or 23 which make the structure much heavier. There are written lots of verses of Holy Quran on them. People make these Allaamats prior to this mourning month of "Muharram". They put different kind of ornaments which make it very pretty and of course heavy. Then on a special day called Allaamat-Keshee, they lift them and carry them for more than 10 kilometers.

Photo by kombizz