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Upper Dolpo Trek Postcard

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Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo being one of the remotest, poorest and backward regions in whole of Nepal with its difficult terrains and extreme cold weather has been overlooked despite being a land of tourist potential and other opportunities. There are no motor able roads or airport in upper Dolpo, except the airport near district headquarter, Dunia which is several days journey from upper Dolpo. The people of upper Dolpo are deprived of fundamental rights of good education, basic medical facilities, and others such as postal and electricity services. The death toll cause by lack of basic medical facilities is quite alarming. The existing schools in upper Dolpo have only primary levels and health posts are functional only for a brief summer season. Recently some western NGOs have supported in opening up schools and health posts but due to the insurgency going on in Nepal, these NGOs are being apprehensive of fully implementing further programs. Therefore, some of the NGOs are being inconsistent in supporting their programs in upper Dolpo.

Photo by guidetreks