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Habonim Beach Postcard

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Habonim Beach

Habonim Beach, Israel

Habonim Beach Northern Israel One of the best kept secrets in Israel. You will pay about 35 Shekels (9 U.S.D), per car, but it is more than worth it. The beach itself is part of a nature reserve. Again, this is a rocky beach like most in Israel, but you will find a nice protected lagoon perfect for swimming with younger children. There are clean showers, dressing rooms, and bathrooms, as well as a snack bar located on the site. Also a very nice picnicking area with tables. One of the main attractions is that you can hike along the rocky coast of the nature reserve where the course sand ridges and water have created inlets and caves. I have done it many times and always consider it a fresh adventure.

Photo by baltcho123