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Château de Beauregard Portrait Gallery

Château de Beauregard Portrait Gallery, France

The Château de Beauregard is a Renaissance castle in the Loire Valley of France and is slightly north of the village of Cellettes. The ruins of a chapel, prior to the fifteenth century, are still visible in the park and have stone carvings of the shell of the pilgrims going to Saint Jacques de Compostela in Spain. The most impressive part of the castle is the Gallery of Portraits where the walls are decorated with 327 portraits of famous people who lived between 1328 (date of the beginning of the reign of Philippe VI of France) and 1643 (death of Louis XIII). The floor is decorated with 5500 Delft tiles so you can look up or down and be impressed. The ceiling is also brilliantly decorated with the use of lapis lazuli paint for the blue. At the time it was done, the lapis lazuli cost more than gold so it is a very expensive ceiling. The gardens are extensive and themed. The outstanding feature (to us) was the 14th century chapel which was located on the route of St Jacques de Compostela. On the side you will find carved stone shells of Saint Jacques. The chapel is, unfortunately, in ruins. Inside, two plaques commemorate Count Alain du Pavillon and one of his sons.

Photo by Beausoleil