6 Days – Tanzania Luxury Tented Camp Safari Postcard

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6 Days – Tanzania Luxury Tented Camp Safari

6 Days – Tanzania Luxury Tented Camp Safari, Tanzania

Northern Tanzania is perhaps Africa’s greatest safari region, an untamed land where indelible scenes defy the eyes. It revels in diversity, each park providing a different ecosystem and an unforgettable cast of wildlife. Over six days you’ll visit four different parks, immersing yourself in a natural world that goes beyond anything you might have seen in documentaries. Elephants wander past ancient acacia trees in Tarangire, black rhinos plod through the savannah of Ngorongoro, and big cats stalk prey on the endless plains of the Serengeti. Every game drive is different, but it always combines classic, sought after scenes with personal moments and surprise. Everybody remembers the lion that lounged by your safari truck. But nobody else saw the cute interaction between two hippos beside the lake. These six days offer a complete safari package. It’s a thrilling adventure, but one that’s packed full of charm and serene moments.

Photo by Lappet Safaris