Pentagram Antique Pins Postcard

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Pentagram Antique Pins

Pentagram Antique Pins, Trinidad and Tobago

The pentagram as a magic symbol, many people like it. The Pentagram Antique Pins, made by GS-JJ , enamel pin maker. It belongs to antique pins , die struck with antique brass finish. The middle of the pattern have a Pentagram is very delicate. It makes us feel nostalgic. Each of Pentagram Antique Pins are individually poly bagged and fixed by two butterfly clutches back. GS-JJ can provide many different custom enamel pins and Antique Pins at the lowest price. Custom Pins Size: 1" Thickness: 1.2mm Style: Antique pins Finish: Antique brass finish Attachments: Butterfly clutch Packaging: Individual Polybag

Photo by Alienspins